Coloured Paving in Barking, London

Coloured Paving for Road Safety

Road safety can be reinforced by the clever use of coloured paving systems along the highway. NatraTex has a wide range of options.

NatraTex Coloured paving Options

SUDs Compliant Coloured Surfacing

When it comes to coloured surfacing, what does SUDS compliant mean? NatraTex explains the subject and its paving solutions further.

What Is A MUGA Pitch?

Creating Vibrant Colourful School Playgrounds

The school playground is a place where children get to experience freedom from the classroom. Why is play important and how is NatraTex creating fantastic spaces for school children?

Coloured roads and driveways

Outstanding Paving for Residential Decorative Driveways

Work in the construction industry gathers pace with the arrival of Spring. While decorative driveways are usually the final outdoor installation, they are the first to be noticed by prospective buyers.

What Is A MUGA Pitch?

School Surfacing Materials Manufacturer

School surfacing is a vital part of the infrastructure of a community’s centres of education. Whether a child is at pre-school, primary school or a teenager at a secondary school. Playgrounds are important social and communal spaces.

Park Footpaths

How do Parks and Green Spaces Benefit our Towns and Cities?

Parks and green spaces hold many benefits to our towns and cities and the communities within them. Find out what these are and how NatraTex has played its part in regenerating these important locations.

Decorative paving for driveway renovations

Paving Slabs and Blocks versus NatraTex

Paving slabs and blocks are often the surfacing materials of choice for residential driveways, pathways and patios. But have you considered NatraTex as an alternative to traditional decorative paving materials?

What Is A MUGA Pitch?

Playground Surfaces to Encourage Physical Activity

NatraTex is highly experienced at delivering playground surfaces to schools, academies and colleges to provide safe spaces for physical activities in children and teenagers.

NatraTex Coloured Hard Landscaping for Cycleways

How Cycle Paths and Footpaths Benefit a Community

Cycle paths and footpaths provide safe routes for pedestrians and those travelling by bicycle. Being separate from cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles on a dedicated route makes for a more pleasant journey.

NatraTex Coloured Surfacing

Inclusive Pathway and Access Design

Good pathway and access design and its construction for a site takes into consideration how all people interact and use the space. The importance of building a route and communal space which utilises coloured hard landscaping to benefit and celebrate a community’s diversity cannot be underestimated.