Natratex is proud to offer a range of eco-friendly products. Chief amongst these is our Natratex Eco — our recycled bituminous product designed to replace existing asphalt surfaces. However, one question that we are often asked is: why offer recycled bitumen product? 

Practical Considerations

The first reason why we offer recycled bituminous products is because we believe that it offers a better product than otherwise. Not only does offering recycled bitumen allow us to offer a high quality product at a competitive price, but studies done by the United States’ Federal Highway Administration have shown that recycled bituminous material is more durable than traditionally sourced materials. This is especially true for rubberized asphalt — a chiral material that is made of recycled bitumen and recycled rubber. 

As such, we believe that by offering recycled bituminous materials we are fulfilling our goal of providing the highest quality material to our customers. 

Ecological Considerations

The second reason why we offer recycled bituminous materials is because of the ecological considerations. Bitumen, like the other materials derived from crude oil, is a natural resource and thus subject to resource depletion. Every litre of new bituminous material has to come from either existing bitumen deposits or be converted into bitumen from crude oil. These deposits are perishable and do not replenish over time, meaning that they will run out eventually. 

However, there are other considerations, too. Drilling for crude oil is a massive undertaking, which often has massive ecological consequences for the local environment — from deforestation to damage to the local water supply. These ecological consequences can massively impact or even totally wipe out local wildlife. 

By using recycled bitumen, we can shrink our ecological footprint and lessen our ecological impact on the environment. As a company, we believe that our continuing success and sustainability depends greatly on our ability to maintain a minimised carbon footprint. 

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