Project Overview

Client: Radyr Train Station
Sector: Regeneration
Use: Pathways
Product: 6mm Natratex Cotswold
Quantity: 250 sqm

NatraTex Cotswold was used to regenerate the pathways around Radyr Train Staion in South Wales. The warm tones of the stone aggregate created contrasting decorative footpaths to distinguish between the pedestrian pathways and the vehicle routes and parking bays.

What our clients say

MeiLoci are very pleased with the NatraTex surfacing – a great appearance and finish. NatraTex really sets off the new timber school building and the warm tones create a welcoming setting for play. I would thoroughly recommend this product and look forward to working with BituChem again soon.

MeiLoci – Landscape Architects

BituChem sponsor street luger Will Stephenson


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