• Can NatraTex be “marked” with road or pavement markings?

    As with conventional asphalts, NatraTex can be marked with appropriate paints.

  • Is NatraTex suitable to be laid anywhere?

    Various mix designs are available to suit your application. NatraTex is suitable for heavily trafficked areas, footpaths, cycle routes, car parks and MUGA’s.

  • How is NatraTex Coloured?

    NatraTex is manufactured using naturally coloured aggregate, although a small amount of pigment is added too.

  • Why is NatraTex faster to install than block paving?

    NatraTex is installed the same way as conventional asphalt – machine or hand lay.

    For larger areas machine lay is preferred covering up to 2500 Sq/m a day. Block paving is more labour intensive with blocks being cut to size, placed and compacted. Therefore taking more time.

  • How do you clean NatraTex?

    Marks made on a NatraTex surface course can be removed by using a citrus-based cleaner. We recommend that you avoid using a solvent-based cleaner, as this can damage the surfacing.

  • Is NatraTex a resin?

    No, NatraTex is an asphalt surface course in its own right. Resin products are usually a secondary operation that goes on top of a surface course. With NatraTex you have a full depth construction that is as durable as a conventional macadam.

  • How much does NatraTex cost?

    NatraTex is very cost-effective when compared to other aesthetic surfaces. However, the price will depend on where the project is, whether it’s machine or hand-laid, and the scale of the project. We would suggest that initially you speak to a local surfacing contractor for a budget costing. NatraTex also offers considerable programme savings compared to other aesthetic surfaces.

  • How thick is NatraTex laid?

    Typically, NatraTex is installed at 25mm on pedestrianised schemes, 30mm on lightly trafficked projects and 35mm on more heavily trafficked areas.

  • How far can NatraTex travel?

    NatraTex is manufactured at around 180°C in exactly the same way as conventional macadam. A full load of 20 tonnes loses about 3-5°C per hour whilst in transit. We can deliver to most locations throughout England and Wales.

  • Who lays NatraTex?

    NatraTex is installed by reputable surfacing contractors. We will be able to give you a list of contractors that lay NatraTex regularly.

  • What is NatraTex laid on?

    NatraTex is typically installed onto a conventional asphalt Binder Course. The sub-layers are exactly the same build-up as an application of conventional macadam Surface Course. The NatraTex replaces the surface course.

  • Does NatraTex change colour with time?

    Upon request, we can supply lab samples of our materials that illustrate the initial colour of NatraTex and oxidised, matured samples showing how the material can change over time.

    We can also send out site information where NatraTex has been installed in public areas to give you an idea of appearance over a period of time.

    To find out more, contact us today.

  • Is NatraTex cost comparable?

    NatraTex offers significant benefits and savings over resin, blocks and other aesthetic materials.

    To learn more about the benefits of NatraTex Cotswold, NatraTex Colour, NatraTex Eco or NatraTex ColdLay book an interactive CPD workshop or contact us.

  • Is NatraTex environmentally friendly?

    NatraTex can be more sustainable as some materials will contain recycled, secondary aggregates and sustainable materials.

  • What build up is required for NatraTex?

    The build-up required for NatraTex varies but, as with all asphalt, a suitable substrate is required.

    If there is already a construction pavement design in place, NatraTex can be a direct replacement for the ‘surface course’ specified within the design. Other substrates remain as per the pavement design.

  • Can NatraTex be made porous?

    As a general rule, asphalt is impermeable. However, we have developed a SUDs compliant porous NatraTex option across the NatraTex Colour range.

    For information and to find out more, contact us.

  • What is the lifespan of NatraTex?

    In like for like applications, NatraTex is as durable as conventional black asphalt.

  • Can NatraTex be repaired?

    NatraTex can be easily repaired in a few ways.

    For small repairs, we have developed NatraTex ColdLay. Supplied in 25kg buckets, this can simply be emptied onto the reinstatement area and hand compacted to start the curing process.

    For permanent reinstatement within trafficked areas, small quantities of hot material is available to collect for repairs.

  • Is NatraTex porous?

    NatraTex can be designed and manufactured to be permeable. However, we would suggest that you contact the NatraTex team to discuss the suitability of having a porous product on your scheme.

NatraTex Eco

  • Does NatraTex Eco come in the full colour range?

    NatraTex Eco is available in our most popular flagship Buff colour, which is similar to the Cotswold range. Other principle colours are available too!

FAQ Icon Recreation

  • Is NatraTex suitable for MUGAs?

    NatraTex is a popular surfacing option for MUGA areas. This is because it is versatile, durable, cost-effective and suitable for use in all weathers for all types of sport.

    Contact us today to find out how NatraTex is regularly used for multi-use games areas or learn more about MUGA pitches at our dedicated Knowledge Hub.

FAQ Icon Regeneration

  • Can NatraTex be used in highways applications?

    NatraTex can be manufactured to highway specifications however, these vary across the UK.

    For more information about how NatraTex can be used for highways, contact our team with your requirements.

  • Is NatraTex suitable for traffic?

    Yes. We offer a range of Mix Designs to suit almost all applications. NatraTex can be supplied for park footpaths, bus lanes or anything in between.

FAQ Icon Residential

  • Is NatraTex for commercial use only?

    The striking good looks of NatraTex will enhance and brighten up residential schemes and modern projects alike. In fact, the NatraTex Cotswold range is a very popular choice for more sympathetic properties.

    Our team can provide contact information on NatraTex approved local surfacing contractors in your area. Get in touch with us to find out more.

FAQ Icon Retail

  • What is the Lead Time For NatraTex?

    NatraTex is readily available from our manufacturing plant. Although we recommend allowing 5 working days’ notice for a seamless experience.

  • Can NatraTex be installed without joins?

    A seamless surface is achievable with NatraTex in large areas such as car parks and as part of decorative landscaping.