Set Boundaries With ChipTex

ChipTex is one of NatraTex’s premier products. It is ideal for demarcating surfaces and making traditional black tarmacadam look more attractive to the landscape and surrounding area. ChipTex does this by adding a layer of coloured chippings and clear binding to the surface, improving the aesthetics of a location and ultimately making it a more aesthetically pleasing place to live and work in.

ChipTex is a costeffective, decorative coloured surfacing solution made from combining aggregate pigment and a clear synthetic binder. This creates small chippings. It provides a good colour and a lasting finish, meaning that it requires noticeably less maintenance than other products to retain its pristine appearance. If durability and reliability are essential, this makes it ideal for projects such as park footpaths, coloured driveways, cycle routes, and a wide range of similar projects — projects where planners are looking for an efficient way of demarcating areas in a budgetfriendly way, that includes low maintenance and durability. The chippings can be used in many different colours of paving and our team can help advise on the best colour for your application.

ChipTex chippings for driveways and pavements are rolled into conventional black tarmacadam. ChipTex chippings are supplied in 10mm and 20mm sizes.

The Ideal Solution For Decorative Paving

NatraTex ChipTex is the ideal surfacing solution for planners and architects looking for a long-lasting, maintenance-free product at an affordable price. Once laid, it adds clear demarcation lines to an area — tidying it up and improving the area’s overall aesthetics.

There are many ways to incorporate ChipTex into your application – whether you’re resurfacing paving or creating a new space for people to enjoy. The experts here at NatraTex have a wealth of knowledge and experience in order to create the ideal paving and ChipTex for your application. If you’re interested in our ChipTex solutions, call us on 01594 820250 or contact us today and our team will be happy to help discuss your requirements. If you have any questions about our products, take a look at our knowledge hub to find out more.

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