How To Order Your Sample

NatraTex Colour Salmon

NatraTex Colour Salmon is a bright, eye-catching coloured asphalt surface. A durable surfacing solution available to contractors in England and Wales, NatraTex Colour Salmon is a multipurpose surfacing material which is perfect for creating highways, footpaths, cycle paths, playgrounds and driveways.

To order your free sample of NatraTex Colour Salmon, click the ‘Request Samples’ button shown above and select your choice of required samples. Then, simply fill in the shown fields, including your name, contact number and delivery address. Our team will take care of the rest and arrange for your samples to be sent out as soon as possible!

Should you have any questions regarding NatraTex Colour Salmon, or any of our surfacing ranges, please contact our team today or head over to our Frequently Asked Questions and Knowledge Hub area to see a selection of articles related to NatraTex products.

NatraTex Colour Salmon For Footpaths
NatraTex Colour Salmon For Schools
NatraTex Colour Salmon For Residential Developments