Bound Gravel Surfacing from The Bituchem Group

Want the aesthetically pleasing look of gravel but without the maintenance? Then our bound gravel surfacing is for you! Bound gravel surfacing is high quality, durable and requires minimum upkeep to ensure you receive surfacing that that can withstand the rigours of use, whatever the project. We have been supplying surfacing for decades and over this time have built a reputation for the quality of our products which is reflected in our accreditation by the Road Surface Treatment Association (RSTA) and the Road Emulsion Association (REA). Our bound gravel surfacing comes in two types, NatraTex Colour and Natratex Cotswold which are both fully bonded natural aggregate.

Bound Gravel Surfacing

Natratex and NatraTex Colour bound gravel surfacing:

Between these two types of bound gravel surfacing we have eight colour options to decide between. Our NatraTex Cotswold range specialises in subtle colours which can blend into surrounding areas, our natratex buff is our most popular product and works will in rural spaces. If you’re looking for something a little brighter, then take a look at our NatraTex Colour range, great for use as demarcation it is often used in school and play areas to give a vibrant finish.

Where are our bound gravel surfacing products used?

Bound gravel surfacing is incredibly versatile and can be used in a range of sectors including commercial, domestic and industrial. It’s popular because of its high quality, yet low maintenance appearance and this makes it particularly useful in large areas where upkeep would be expensive. Its use in public areas such as schools, playgrounds and leisure facilities also has safety advantages. The textured finish to the bound gravel surfacing offers grip, which is usually required in areas with high footfall.

Find out more about our bound gravel surfacing:

Our bound gravel surfacing is quick to install and is cost effective! Take a closer look at the technology behind our NatraTex Colour and Natratex range. Alternatively, give us a call, our team are on hand to give you a bespoke quote for your bound gravel surfacing, or to answer any questions you may have.

Knowledge Hub

Learn more about bound gravel surfacing from NatraTex through our dedicated Knowledge Hub. Can’t find an answer to your question? Take a look at our FAQ page or contact us to speak to our team.