Project Details

Client: Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club

Sector: Recreation

Location: The Hendre, Monmouth, NP25 5HT

The Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club is located at the Hendre, Monmouthshire where it was once the childhood home of Rolls-Royce co-founder Charles Stewart Rolls.

The Welsh word hendre derives from the Welsh words hen(meaning ‘old’) and dre(meaning ‘farmstead’).

Charles Stewart Rolls played an important role in Rolls’ family’s social ascent when taking the Duke and Duchess of York (later King George V and Queen Mary) on motor car excursions from the Hendre, probably the first time that the royal couple had been in a car.  This confirmed the family’s elevation to the upper echelons of society.

The Hendre remained in the Rolls (Harding-Rolls) until  30thAugust 1984, when it was sold to Effold Properties Limited.  The mansion is now the focal point of the Rolls of Monmouth Golf Course.

The Rolls of Monmouth boasts spectacular views of the Welsh countryside with various wildlife, from deer & stags to ducks & squirrels, often making an appearance around the 6,733 yard golf course.  This making it one of the most outstanding golf courses in the whole of the UK.

With parts of the course Grade II* or Grade II listed it is important that any work carried out be in keeping with the estates redbrick and Bath stone. NatraTex Colour Red was chosen as it will remain sympathetic to the estate with its red colouring.

Laid on the 15thhole of the course, the colour stands out from afar while looking as though it has been a part of the grounds since the Rolls inhabited the Hendre.

NatraTex Coloured Paving at Rolls of Monmouth Golf Club

NatraTex Colour is made in the same way as its sister product NatraTex Cotswold but with extra coloured pigment added into the mix to give a brighter finish.

This particular coloured paving mix has been specified to be used for pedestrian as well as heavy vehicle access due to green cutting machinery driving over the material.

NatraTex is an alternative to conventional tarmacadam, resin bound paving and other aesthetic hard landscaping materials, but shares similar characteristics with conventional tarmacadam being laid at the same depth and sub-layers (base and binder course).

NatraTex is not a resin but a fully bonded coloured hard landscaping material.


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