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Coloured paving from NatraTex is a highly versatile fully bound aggregate material enabling landscape architects to specify a durable surface with a superb quality finish. The choice of tones and colour schemes available can complement traditionally styled buildings. Or it provides contrasting demarcation where traffic volume is high. Used to direct pedestrians along a busy route, segregate cycle paths from footpaths, or provide clear zones for people and motor vehicles.

Coloured Paving for a Range of Environments

Coloured paving is all around us. Sometimes it is obvious, because a strong and contrasting colour selection is the basis of a sports surface or MUGA. Providing a level and evenly marked out pitch or court for sports such as tennis, hockey, 5-a-side football, basketball, or hockey. It is essential for the safe and fair participation and enjoyment of games and sports. Cleverly designed MUGA’s enable a multitude of activities within a limited area; perfect for schools and parks.

Sometimes the use of coloured paving is subtle. On new housing estates, architects use decorative surfaces to unify the landscaping. The warmth of NatraTex Cotswold is a popular choice as a hardwearing surface for the gravel footpaths and pavements of housing developments. When used as a road surface it exudes a quality appearance and is an alternative to black asphalt.

Both NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour can be seen in a variety of locations across the United Kingdom. From the car park of Radyr Train Station in South Wales to Redbridge High Street in Essex via the disabled viewing platform at Cheltenham Racecourse. This is a set of clear bound surfacing materials used in diverse locations. See more in our project portfolio.

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