Leading the Way in Alternatives to Resin Bound Surfacing and Decorative Hard Landscaping

Discover a world of decorative landscaping materials with a broad colour palette and outstanding durability. Giving architiects, outdoor spatial planners and designers an unrivalled capability to create and shape locations  in residential, commercial, educational, retail and regeneration settings through the use of exciting leading edge coloured surfacing technology.

Coloured Asphalt

Need to designate and separate certain areas? Then coloured asphalt could be the answer! Coloured asphalt is a durable surfacing solution that comes in a range of finishes and vibrant colours. This ensures that you can find the perfect surfacing for your needs in both public and domestic settings. It doesn’t just look great though, it’s hard wearing, low maintenance and is able to retain its lively colours for long periods of time, making it extremely cost effective!

Coloured Cycle Paths

Here at Bituchem we specialise in supplying durable, fully bonded coloured cycle paths to give a safe and low maintenance solution to your surfacing needs. We stock both Natratex and Natratex Colour, to give you an array of choice concerning the finish and colour of your cycle path. Our cycle paths are easy to install, and their durability makes them incredibly long lasting!

Coloured Hard Landscaping

Bituchem has a vast history in supplying coloured hard landscaping, so it’s the perfect place to go whatever your requirements. Our wide breadth of experience has given us great insight in the best coloured hard landscaping solution for you. Bituchem’s most popular option is Natratex Buff, which seamlessly blends with a wide array of settings whilst being a long lasting and durable surface. Its sleek and maintenance free finish makes it a great addition to any landscaping.

Coloured Paths

Coloured paths are a perfect addition to any landscaping, whether your project is for domestic or public use. Our range of finishes and colours means that you are sure to find the perfect coloured paths for your project! Bituchem produce both Natratex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour, to ensure you have a product which is well known and trusted for its durability and quality. Why not try our Natratex Grey, a tried and tested surface for your coloured paths!

Coloured Paving

Here at Bituchem our vast experience and history in supplying surfacing has made us experts in supplying coloured paving. Over this time we have produced an extensive range of surfacing solutions that encompass a selection of options to suit your requirements. Within our extensive range, all of our products are high quality, high durability and low maintenance, which makes our coloured paving the best and easiest choice if you’re looking to pave a large area.

Coloured Playgrounds

Bituchem’s lively range of colour options make our coloured playground surfacing a great addition to your playground or play area! Why not use different types to separate certain sections, or you can cover it all in one style to make a bold statement. Our coloured playground solutions reinvent surfacing, providing not only a safe, maintenance free and durable environment, but adding a dose of fun and vibrancy to your playground too!

Why Choose MUGA Surfacing?

We take a look at the versatile world of MUGA surfacing. A multi-use games area is a fantastic way to incorporate a number of different sporting surfaces in one place. Bituchem have a wide range of products suitable for use in parks and playgrounds which are also non abrasive minimising the risk of cuts and scrapes. Both Natratex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour can be used at any time of year regardless of weather conditions thanks to the fast drying nature of the products and are the very best choice for any MUGA surfacing project.

Coloured Roads

Here at Bituchem we take the quality of our coloured road surfaces seriously; which is why we are part of both the Road Emulsion Association (REA) and the Road Surface Treatment Association (RSTA). This ensures that you not only receive coloured road surfacing which looks great, but also performs to the highest standard. We have a wide range of colour options that work to contrast against black tarmac, culminating in a coloured road which stands out! All of our surfaces are hard wearing and easy to maintain, making them a stress free and cost effective option if you’re looking to surface a coloured road!

Coloured Surfacing

Looking for coloured surfacing? Here at Bituchem we have the experience and variety of products to make your decision easy! Whether you’re looking to surface a public playground, or simply want to add some colour to your garden, we have a wide selection of colours and finishes for you to peruse through! Our coloured surfacing is low maintenance and durable, proving itself to be incredibly cost effective. Why not try our NatraTex Colour Red and make your surfacing vibrant!

Coloured Tarmac

Our experience in supplying coloured tarmac alternatives spans decades, so it’s unsurprising that we have such a renowned and trusted range of coloured tarmac replacements. No matter what you’re looking for, from a lively blue or a more subtle salmon, here at Bituchem we are sure to have something to fit your requirements. Not only do they look great, but we are also part of the Road Emulsion Association (REA) and the Road Surface Treatment Association (RSTA), to make sure that you get alternatives to coloured tarmac you can trust.

Decorative Landscaping

Add a fresh look to your decorative landscaping by incorporating some of our bold colours into your project! Bituchem’s range of bright, decorative landscape surfacing enables you to liven up any area with a bright colour. Make a statement with NatraTex Colour Blue! Alternatively, we have an array of products such as NatraTex Colour Buff, and Naratex Colour Salmon which blend seamlessly into their surroundings, giving you a sympathetic, decorative landscaping solution which is also hard wearing and low maintenance.

Decorative Paving

Our decorative paving not only delivers on appearance, by encompassing a wide range of finishes and colours, but also delivers on quality. Here at Bituchem we have two ranges of decorative paving: NaraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour. Both are well known to be durable and low maintenance ensuring your decorative paving will be long lasting and stress free. Our brightly coloured options not only start out looking vibrant, but also have proven themselves to keep their colour for many years and so are extremely cost effective!

MUGA Surfacing

Looking for some Multi Use Games Area surfacing? Then Bituchem can help you! MUGA surfacing can be a great way to improve not only the appearance, but also the adaptability and performance of your games areas. It is often used in a schools and recreational facilities, but can be used anywhere! MUGA Surfacing is a safe and cost effective surfacing material, and comes in a range of colours including NatraTex Colour Green, which would blend seamlessly into your games areas!

Resin Bound Surfaces

Here at Bituchem, our two lines of surfacing Natratex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour, boast two different options to resin bonded surfaces. Although to a certain extent both types are synthetically resin bound in similar ways, Natratex Colour differs by including the addition of pigmentation into the process to produce brightly coloured surfaces. All of Bituchem’s alternatives to resin bound surfaces have the advantage of looking great, but with minimal upkeep. Both are renowned for their durability and versatility, so you are sure to find to right replacements to resin bound surfaces for your requirements!

Resin Bonded Surfaces

Our alternatives to resin bonded surfaces are the perfect solution for all of your surfacing needs! They’re hard wearing and their low maintenance qualities make them suitable for a whole range of areas. In addition to this they’re anti slip and are available in a range of colours, making it perfect for recreational areas and schools. It’s not just in public areas that these alternatives to resin bonded surfaces excel. They can also add a fresh new look to your home’s exterior and garden!

Tarmac Driveways

Alternatives to tarmac driveways are the low maintenance solution to your domestic and commercial properties, providing a quick and aesthetically pleasing surface that will endure the toughest of weather conditions. Our asphalt choices to replace tarmac driveways include Natratex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour products, both of which come in an array of options with the guarantee of high quality, with fast application and a durable finish. Click the link above to learn more about the alternatives to tarmac driveways.

Coloured Driveways

Our coloured driveways are an excellent way to brighten up your property, whether that be a domestic, commercial or industrial property. Using our Natratex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour brands we can lay durable, low maintenance coloured driveways that will allow you to spend your time and energy elsewhere. Choose from a range of vibrant colours, or even opt for the neutral buff coloured driveways if you’re looking for a more subtle option.

Asphalt Driveways

Our asphalt driveways are the ideal solution to those looking for low maintenance entrances to their properties or grounds; other than the very occasional sweep or power hose, there is no need for any work to be done once we’ve finished laying the asphalt driveways. You also get the added benefit of being able to choose from a vast array of colours for your asphalt driveways, brightening up your home or business or even helping to sepearate/mark out certain areas that require it.

Decorative Cycle Paths

Our Natratex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour products are becoming increasingly popular for the use of decorative cycle paths due to their vibrant colour and their impressive ability to endure natural wear and tear and the tough weather conditions of the winter. For safety reasons, a cycle path should be clearly distinguishable from the road and paths surrounding it, which is why our bright coloured ashpalt are so ideal for decorative cycle paths.

Gravel Footpaths

The NatraTex replacement to loose gravel footpaths are not only surprisingly quick to lay and dry, but they’re also the ideal solution for those looking to reduce their maintenance time; perhaps you spend hours cleaning your footpaths or evening out the stones etc and wish you could spend this time elsewhere? Well our bound aggregate surfacing alternative to gravel footpaths are the perfect solution to this – the most you’ll have to do is the occasional sweep or power wash!

Decorative Driveways

Looking for decorative driveways? Our range of NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour surfacing is a durable and low maintenance option that can be supplied in a variety of colours, to enhance the look of your driveway.

Decorative Footpaths

Our decorative pathways are a great way to add a splash of colour to public spaces or domestic landscaping. Our pathways are low maintenance and hard wearing, which make them incredibly versatile. Our NatraTex Colour range, available in a selection of colours is the perfect way to brighten up a school or university grounds.

Bound Gravel Surfacing

If you’re looking for the stylish look of gravel surfacing, but don’t have time to deal with the maintenance that comes with this, then take a look at our bound gravel surfacing from Bituchem.

MUGA Surfacing for Schools

For the ultimate solution when space is at a premium, choose MUGA surfacing. This is a multi-use games area that can feature up to six sports on one surface including football, basketball, tennis and hockey. The markings are all in contrasting colours to avoid confusion and once laid, it takes the minimum amount of upkeep. MUGA surfacing can be laid at any time of the year and is 100% weatherproof.

Park Footpaths

Park footpaths are the means for people of all ages and abilities to access our urban green spaces. The urban park has been with us since the Victorian era and it still plays an important part in the health and well being of the population in the 21st century. NatraTex is the perfect coloured paving to provide a beautiful and durable surface for park footpaths.


NatraTex is a very stylish alternative to masterprint concrete and block paving. Providing architects and landscape designers with a durable and adaptive decorative surface in a choice of colours and tones.