Coloured Tarmac Alternatives from the Bituchem Group:

There are plenty of options for coloured tarmac, but ours are the best. Our career has spanned decades and has allowed us to establish ourselves as masters of paving and roadmarking. We are accredited members of both the Road Emulsion Association (REA) and the Road Surface Treatment Association (RSTA) , so you can have confidence in our product’s ability to deliver quality coloured tarmac. Our range of Natratex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour tarmac alternatives have been developed to be the best substitute that you can buy – making them ideal for replacement coloured tarmac and similar surfacing projects.

Coloured Tarmac | Bituchem Group | Naturtex and Colourtex Coloured Tarmac


NatraTex Colour and Natratex Cotswold Coloured Surfacing:

Our NatraTex Cotswold (pictured above) has a powerful hue that stands out against the otherwise black tarmac, making it excellent for use as paving – its longevity and durability are second to none. Like all our alternatives to tarmac products, there are a wealth of reasons to choosing our materials over the others:

  • It looks good
  • It’s cost effective
  • It’s quick to install
  • It’s proven
  • It’s long lasting
  • It’s maintenance free
  • It’s safe

With all of its strengths, it’s no wonder that we’re so confident in Colourtex Buff and its ability to provide the best surfacing for coloured tarmac.

To learn more about our products, you can check out our full range of Natratex and NatraTex Colour coloured asphalt. Our team of dedicated staff are always happy to help, whatever the challenge. If you have any questions, queries, or for a personalised quote – get in touch!