About Our Alternatives to Resin Bonded Surfaces

All of our NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour products offer a different surfacing to resin bonded aggregates, meaning that it’s synthetically bound yet still has a consistently successful application with guaranteed results. It’s extremely easy to lay, so we can promise a fast and effective coverage compared to other resin bonded surfaces no matter what the specifications. Both types of substitutes to resin bonded products are actually laid in the same way as an ordinary blacktop, but the appearance results in a much more rustic and informal feel, and the process of pigmentation allows for a wide variety of colours and designs. The Bituchem Group can help with all of your resin bonded requirements.

Resin Bonded Surfaces from The Bituchem Group


The Many Benefits Of NatraTex Alternatives to Resin Bonded Surfaces:

Our version of resin bonded surfaces have the benefit of appearing like gravel surfaces but without the high maintenance. They’re aesthetically pleasing and look ideal in a number of locations, including: playgrounds, pathways, driveways, car parks, visitor attractions and other places where you would find resin bonded surfaces to add a decorative touch to their appearance. Once applied, the synthetic bonded surfaces are fixed and will not move or wash away. This means you can be sure to be as happy with these materials after a long period of time as you are when it has just been laid.

The durability of our equivalents to resin bonded surfaces is outstanding; after its application it’s extremely hard wearing and resilient, with an expected lifespan you’ll be more than happy with. These surfaces are low maintenance, needing only the usual pressure washing or sweeping that would be expected. The anti-slip properties of NatraTex surfaces make it the ideal ground for places requiring extra safety precautions, such as playgrounds and school yards, or the car park for retirement homes etc.

NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour Equivalent to Resin Bonded Aggregates

Natratex Cotswold surfacing is a fully bonded surface covering, and can be adapted for many purposes from park footpaths to cycle paths and landscaping. It’s made by mixing naturally occurring coloured aggregate with a clear binder to make fully bonded surface courses, which results in a long-lasting, durable material that can endure wear and tear to avoid unwanted deterioration.

NatraTex Colour surfacing is created and applied in the same way as Natratex Cotswold, with the addition of pigments into the aggregates that open up the possibilities for diversity in colour and decoration. It can be used in such locations that require a vivid, vibrant appearance or demarcation for reasons of safety or separation.

Why Choose Our Alternatives to Resin Bonded Surfaces?

Our equivalents to resin bonded surfaces are some of the highest quality in the UK, we can offer a wide range of colours for a variety of purposes and locations, and we can guarantee that it will be fast and easy to lay. Not only will you be happy with the final aesthetics, you will be happy with the whole process from purchase to end result. If you require more information on alternatives to resin bonded surfaces, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote or any general advice. Our expert staff are more than happy to help!

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