Decorative Paving by NatraTex

Decorative paving. Two words which are synonymous with garden paving slabs, patios, footpaths and driveways. In a world of gravel, block paving, tiles, sandstone and granite there is another option. NatraTex is a surface course which offers unrivalled adaptability and durability. Suitable for domestic and residential settings, parks and public areas, or for outside a broad range of commercial buildings.

There are many options for decorative paving at NatraTex. Whether you’re looking to implement it in the public or private sector, we can work with you to make sure you get the right colour and type to meet all your needs. Our range of coloured hard landscaping comes in three brands – ChipTex, NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour.

Domestic Decorative Paving

Homeowners are more demanding of their garden and outdoor living spaces. Higher expectations have been driven by more lifestyle and property makeover TV shows and the rise of social media over the past couple of decades. Photographs and videos of attractive homes and gardens on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are very popular across the board, with influencers sharing images of their home every day.

Property developers and house builders know that getting the outside right is just as important to the outcome of a sale as the design, build and finish of the building itself. Garden designers and architects know that having an appealing outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining can add value to a home or make or break a property purchase.

However, not all forms of hard landscaping elements for footpaths, driveways and garden social areas are suitable. Gravel can be difficult to walk on for those with mobility challenges, or the very young and elderly. Other forms of stone and paving slabs may not suit the chosen aesthetics or budget for the project.

We offer a fully bound asphalt surface course which meets the demands of today’s external living spaces and is also great value. Used for residential housing projects consisting of a broad range of aspects and locations. NatraTex decorative paving in a variety of colours and hues has been specified by Bovis Homes, Linden Homes and Belway Homes to satisfy their coloured hard landscaping requirements with outstanding results.

Commercial Decorative Paving

The retail environment is now more competitive than ever. With the rise of internet shopping enabling us to buy from the comfort of our homes. Encouraging people to step into physical stores means that the shopping experience starts once your customers drive into the car park. Therefore, the hard landscaping of the exterior of a supermarket or retail park must be perfect. From the approach, to the parking bays and the carefully planned pedestrian access routes around the buildings themselves must deliver a pleasant experience.

NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour has been used to great effect in the retail environment across the UK. A smooth, durable and aesthetically pleasing finish has been achieved using NatraTex decorative paving outside well known retail brands like Waitrose, Aldi and Next.

Decorative Paving in Public Spaces and Education

Not just restricted to homes and businesses, NatraTex surfacing has been successfully installed in schools and colleges across the country. Decorative paving in the Education sector has been fashioned into a broad range of designs to create vibrant and fun playground spaces where children can enjoy time outside the classroom. Multi use games areas or MUGA’s enable multiple sports courts and pitches to be installed into a single area thanks to the rainbow of NatraTex coloured paving. This can be cleverly designed to demarcate areas for tennis, 5 a side football, netball, basketball, hockey and many other team sports. This all weather surfacing means that rain doesn’t have to stop play! Children and teenagers can enjoy the health benefits of sports while putting into practice the ethos and skills for being in a team.

When a calmer mindset is required, NatraTex Cotswold and more subtle NatraTex Colour tones have been added to the hard landscaping of school gardens. Footpaths and communal seating areas become a place to meet and relax with friends or to spend time by yourself. Beneath your feet the engineering of this surfacing is SUD’s compliant. This means that any rainwater can drain through to natural ground or into a drainage system as per government regulations.

For urban parks, their footpaths and cycle ways, decorative paving which is used as the first line of a sustainable urban drainage system helps to prevent flooding. It is proven that green spaces are good for us as individuals and adds value to a community as well as the urban environment. Surfacing here needs to offer easy installation, provide access for a broad section of society, and look great while being highly durable. The regeneration category in the NatraTex Portfolio has many examples of how parks and public spaces have utilised this type of surface course.

Discover How NatraTex Decorative Paving Can Work for You

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