Decorative Cycle Paths for Summer Cycling

Decorative cycle paths really come into their own during the summer months. There isn’t a better time of year to ride your bike for the commute to and from work, for fun, or as part of an exercise routine.


Decorative Landscaping Projects for Summer

Summer is the time of year for carrying out decorative landscaping projects. NatraTex is here to supply outstanding coloured paving materials which bring the plans of architects and designers to life.


Park Footpaths Take a Pounding in the Summer Heatwave

Park footpaths, promenades and cycle ways in green spaces have seen a massive increase in use as the British public basks in the sunshine of the Summer heatwave.


Decorative Landscaping Product Range Expands

The decorative landscaping product range at NatraTex continues to grow, giving our customers a wider choice of options. Not just because of the mix of colours, but also the technical capabilities of the surfacing.


Coloured Playgrounds with A Rainbow of Options

Coloured playgrounds are an area where NatraTex excels. The variety of colours at the disposal of landscape architects and planners enables a high level of creativity and fun.


Decorative Driveways with a High Quality Finish

Decorative driveways can be made to look extra special by using NatraTex Cotswold.


Replace Gravel Footpaths with NatraTex

NatraTex has a range of materials which offer an alternative to these types of gravel footpaths with considerable benefits.


MUGA Surfacing Inspired by International Sports Events

MUGA surfacing is very important to “grass roots” level sports participation. A place where children and teenagers discover their talent for a sport inspired by international events. It provides a place for activity and exercise.


Go Beyond Resin Bound with NatraTex

Resin bound aggregates are not the only option when it comes to coloured paving. NatraTex Cotswold and the collection of hues and tints within the NatraTex Colour range deliver outstanding results in varied locations across the UK.


Park Footpaths to Enjoy Springtime

Park footpaths are the ideal route for a Spring time stroll and to enjoy the beauty of the season. Lighter mornings, sunny evenings and a rise in temperature lifts the spirits. A park is a great place to get outdoors and appreciate beautiful surroundings.