The Ultimate Sports Surfaces from NatraTex Colour

Creating a place to enjoy and take part in a variety of sports is easy with Natratex Colour MUGA sports surfaces.


Asphalt Driveways Using NatraTex Coloured Surfacing

Choosing the right type of asphalt driveways for a property development is a hard landscaping decision which unifies a project.


School Surfacing for Playgrounds

With space often at a premium, your school surfacing will have to work hard to fulfil several purposes. NatraTex has the solution for playgrounds and MUGA's.


Park Footpaths Created with NatraTex

Park footpaths form an important part of the hard landscaping of our outdoor spaces. The NatraTex portfolio is packed with options to regenerate old park footpaths, and brings a wow factor to new developments.


Park Cycleways Using NatraTex Colour

Park cycleways need to be flat, smooth, and durable to deliver a pleasant cycling experience for all. NatraTex and NatraTex Colour are perfect materials for park cycleways.


A Substitute Surface To Resin Bonded Paving

Resin bonded surfacing isn’t the only option for hard landscaping. NatraTex and NatraTex Colour by BituChem is a successful alternative to other paving.


Alternative to Black Asphalt and Resin Bound and Bonded Paving

BituChem supply a great range of fully-bound asphalt surfaces as an alternative to conventional black asphalt and resin bound and bonded paving.


Your First Choice for Decorative Landscaping

Our decorative landscaping is proving an increasingly popular option due to its tough, low-maintenance nature and great looks!


Asphalt Driveways by Bituchem

Asphalt driveways are well known for being a low maintenance and hard wearing option for properties of all kinds. They have been increasing in popularity over the years, and are seen all over the country.


Decorative Paving for Your Property by Bituchem

If you’re looking to resurface your paved areas, then why not find out what decorative paving by Bituchem can do for you! Decorative paving can really bring an extra something to your property, going far beyond the standard greys and blacks that we’re all so used to seeing.