Coloured Playground At Feltham School

Rethinking The Playground: School Surfaces For A New Era

School Surfacing for Playgrounds

School playgrounds have always played a big role in the education of children. This is particularly true in the current situation. Click here to find out more about how NatraTex school surfacing and how it can be used in your school project.

Coloured Roads at Linden Homes

Colourful Surfacing for Driveways and Entrances

Driveway materials are usually considered to be black macadam, block paving or imprinted concrete. But with NatraTex we offer a viable alternative to the domestic and commercial markets.

NatraTex Colour Surfacing Products

Permeable Pavement Solutions Using NatraTex

A permeable pavement contributes to the controlled absorption and dispersal of surface water into the urban drainage system.

Decorative Landscaping by NatraTex

A World of Decorative Landscape Options

Adaptable and durable materials for domestic, commercial and public sector decorative landscaping from NatraTex.

What Is A MUGA Pitch?

Inclusive and Creatively Designed Coloured Playgrounds

NatraTex has a proven record of providing surfacing materials for innovative coloured playgrounds.

MUGA Surfacing

MUGA Pitches to Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle

MUGA pitches are places where children and teenagers can take part in numerous team sports which will benefit their individual fitness and team skills as a group.

Park Footpaths

The Health and Environmental Benefits of Footpaths

Walking and footpaths are highly beneficial to our health and wellbeing, it is a simple, free form of exercise which can be incorporated into our daily lives.

NatraTex Coloured Hard Landscaping for Cycleways

Coloured Paving for Health and Safety

Where multiple methods of travel, transport and access are concerned, coloured paving plays an important role in the management of people and vehicles.

Coloured Paving in Barking, London

Coloured Paving for Road Safety

Road safety can be reinforced by the clever use of coloured paving systems along the highway. NatraTex has a wide range of options.

NatraTex Coloured paving Options

SUDs Compliant Coloured Surfacing

When it comes to coloured surfacing, what does SUDS compliant mean? NatraTex explains the subject and its paving solutions further.