NatraTex – An Aesthetically Pleasing Product 


NatraTex can be used for a variety of installations from Multi-Use Games Area surfacing (MUGA), retail outlet parking to a cycleway or a footpath just to name a few.


Riverside Pathway Brought to Life with NatraTex

Whether installed for a cycle track or bus lane, NatraTex offers a versatile product to suit any scheme.


NatraTex Sets the Scene at Leybourne Chase

NatraTex Cotswold®

NatraTex proves its coloured surfacing to be durable and versatile at Leybourne Chase, West Malling.


NatraTex An Alternative to Resin Bound Surfacing


NatraTex is an alternative to resin bound surfacing and other aesthetic hard landscaping materials but can be used alongside resin products to create a distinctive display.


NatraTex y Rolls Royce o Asffalt

NatraTex Colour®

Wedi'i seilio mewn hanes cyfoethog, mae NatraTex Colour yn cyd-fynd â'r ardal gyfagos i'r ystâd.


NatraTex Paving the Way to Regeneration


Local authorities and private developers are using NatraTex as the finishing touch to regeneration projects throughout England and Wales, as some of the architectural eyesores from the sixties and seventies are being replaced by more considered construction.


NatraTex Coloured Paving Resurfaces the Retail Sector


NatraTex offers significant programme savings when compared to other aesthetic surfaces for coloured hard landscaping in the retail sector.


NatraTex Cotswold adds a splash of colour to a Cotswold Retail Park

NatraTex Cotswold®

With a growing population Yate needs to expand and re-imagine it’s commercial infrastructure to keep up with changing trends.


It’s Coming Home


There is so much inspiration for children and adults to use outdoor facilities and remain active on MUGA surfacing (multi use games areas) this year.


5 Reasons to Specify NatraTex Coloured Paving


There are many reasons that you should specify NatraTex coloured paving. From a bespoke service to programme savings, we have picked the top 5 reasons why you should specify NatraTex on your future hard landscaping projects.