Choosing the correct material is very important, but does not need to be complicated with NatraTex.

If you already have a pavement construction design it’s very straightforward, if not this brief introduction should assist but if you need further assistance please contact one of our team.

One of the principle factors when engineers design a flexible pavement construction is the type and frequency of loading the whole construction will need to withstand, whether it’s pedestrian or for HGV’s etc
The final layer of the pavement is generally referred to as the “Surface Course” or “Wearing Course” and this element can be substituted for one of our NatraTex products.

NatraTex manufacture various sizes and Mix Designs which can be a direct replacement for conventional Black asphalt or macadam within the original design, for the vast majority of applications. See our Terms and Conditions.

6mm Specifying Table For NatraTex 10mm Specifying Table For NatraTex

**Subject to technical review.


Table For Specifying NatraTex Cotswold

NatraTex Colour Specifying Table