NatraTex Coloured Hard Landscaping for Cycleways

How Cycle Paths and Footpaths Benefit a Community

Cycle paths and footpaths provide safe routes for pedestrians and those travelling by bicycle. Being separate from cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles on a dedicated route makes for a more pleasant journey.

Coloured Playgrounds at Fossebrook School

Head Back To School With NatraTex


NatraTex remains colourful for use on multi-use games areas (MUGA), versatile and durable, allowing NatraTex to be a class act!

Coloured roads and driveways

Creative, colourful kerb appeal


NatraTex remains virtually maintainence free while providing instant kerb appeal to all residential projects it is installed in.

NatraTex Coloured Surfacing

Inclusive Pathway and Access Design

Good pathway and access design and its construction for a site takes into consideration how all people interact and use the space. The importance of building a route and communal space which utilises coloured hard landscaping to benefit and celebrate a community’s diversity cannot be underestimated.

Decorative Landscaping

Decorative Landscape Planning for Success this Winter

The winter season is the time of year for assessing outdoor spaces and drawing up plans. The decorative landscape goes much deeper than the superficial. NatraTex has the materials for your projects success.

Park cycleways using NatraTex Surfacing

Designed for sustainable cycleway performance & value

NatraTex offers one of the most cost-effective Hard landscaping choice for cycleways.

Decorative Landscaping from NatraTex

Decorative Landscaping for Diverse Locations

Decorative landscaping influences a diverse range of locations. When arriving at a housing development, a retail park, a school, or place of work. The quality of the surfacing as you approach creates an important impression and is an experience that takes in a combination of senses.