Coloured roads and driveways

Outstanding Paving for Residential Decorative Driveways

Work in the construction industry gathers pace with the arrival of Spring. While decorative driveways are usually the final outdoor installation, they are the first to be noticed by prospective buyers.

NatraTex installed at Television Studios, White City.

Versatile Landscape Installations from NatraTex


Why choose between NatraTex and resin when you can use both!
NatraTex is a versatile landscape installation that can be used in a variety of schemes.

What Is A MUGA Pitch?

School Surfacing Materials Manufacturer

School surfacing is a vital part of the infrastructure of a community’s centres of education. Whether a child is at pre-school, primary school or a teenager at a secondary school. Playgrounds are important social and communal spaces.

Park Footpaths

How do Parks and Green Spaces Benefit our Towns and Cities?

Parks and green spaces hold many benefits to our towns and cities and the communities within them. Find out what these are and how NatraTex has played its part in regenerating these important locations.