Frequently asked questions about NatraTex coloured paving answered

We have compiled a series of answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive about NatraTex decorative paving products. Discover more about the outstanding performance and benefits of this leading edge coloured surfacing.

Is NatraTex porous?

NatraTex can be designed and manufactured to be permeable.  However, we would suggest that you contact our NatraTex team to discuss the suitability of having a porous product on your scheme.

Is NatraTex a resin?

No, NatraTex is an asphalt surface course in its own right.  Resin products are usually a secondary operation that go on top of a surface course. With NatraTex you have a full depth construction that is as durable as a conventional macadam.

What is NatraTex laid on?

NatraTex is typically installed  onto a conventional asphalt Binder Course.  The sub layers are exactly the same build-up as application of conventional macadam Surface Course.  The NatraTex replaces the surface course.

Who lays NatraTex?

NatraTex is installed by reputable surfacing contractors.  We will be able to give you a list of contractors that lay NatraTex regularly.

How far can NatraTex travel?

NatraTex is manufactured at around 180°C in exactly the same way as conventional macadam.  A full load of 20 tonnes loses about 3-5°C per hour whilst in transit. We can deliver to most locations throughout England and Wales.

Is NatraTex suitable for traffic?

Yes.  We offer a range of Mix Designs to suit almost all applications.  NatraTex can be supplied for park footpaths, bus lanes or anything in between.

How thick is NatraTex laid?

Typically, NatraTex is installed at 25mm on pedestrianised schemes, 30mm on lightly trafficked projects and 35mm on more heavily trafficked areas.

How much does NatraTex cost?

NatraTex is very cost effective when compared to other aesthetic surfaces.  However, price will depend on where the project is, whether it’s machine or hand laid and the scale of the project.  We would suggest that initially you speak to a local surfacing contractor for a budget costing.  NatraTex also offers considerable programme savings compared to other aesthetic surfaces.

How do you clean NatraTex?

Remove marks by using a citrus based cleaner. Avoid using a solvent based cleaner.

Is NatraTex available in small quantities for repair work?

We manufacture NatraTex Cold-Lay which is supplied in 25kg containers, this is ideal for non-trafficked holes left from bollard uplifts or small utility repairs.


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