Paving looks beautiful, when done correctly. However, this method of hard landscaping also has some serious inherent problems which make decorative paving less than ideal, especially in comparison to a material such as NatraTex’s self-binding gravel and coloured tarmac alternative product. And while it’s true that some of these problems can be mitigated by a skilled landscaper and experienced craftsperson who know what they’re doing, for DIY applications and over time these problems will only become more obvious. 

Paving Stones Don’t Have Well Defined Boundaries

The first problem you’re likely to come across when looking at laying down paving stones is that, unless boundaries are specifically set using concrete, paving stones don’t have a well-defined edge. This means that paving stones at the very edge of the design can easily fall away from the main design  – making it look chaotic. Even disorganised. . 

In contrast to this, NatraTex’s products are laid as one solid piece and have clearly defined boundaries. Furthermore, their durability ensures that there is no pulling away from the centre. This durability ensures that the lifecycle of NatraTex’s products is measured in the decades, and not the few years of alternatives. 

Paving Stones Sink 

Another common problem with paving is the fact that the stones are extremely likely to sink into the ground. This is because the stones (being made out of stone or concrete) are much denser than the soil or grass they sit on. As a result, it’s common for a set of paving stones to quickly become unlevelled and uneven. This can even make them extremely difficult to walk on for people with mobility issues, such as young children or people who walk with crutches. 

In contrast, NatraTex’s products have been designed to have a uniform spread over a large area. This ensures that no single point has a density higher than the spot it is placed on. As a result, NatraTex’s surfaces cannot sink in the way that paving stones do, nor can they become uneven.

Weeds Grow in the Joints

Another common complaint about paving stones is that it’s very common for weeds to grow between the stones, resulting in a dishevelled appearance, no different than if the space had been abandoned. Afterwards, it takes considerable time and manpower to remove said weeds. 

In contrast to this, the durability of NatraTex’s products means that it’s highly unlikely that any weeds will be able to penetrate the surface of the product – leaving the surface looking clean and pristine for years.

Paving Stones Are a Real Trip Hazard

Related to the above issue (uneven paving stones) is the fact that, even when level, paving stones can still cause a risk of injury due to tripping up. This can cause serious injury if the trip up occurs while running, or even if the person who trips up does so without steadying themselves properly. Furthermore, friction against the coarse paving stones can cause mild to serious harm against skin. Because stone and concrete are hard materials, the potential for damage from kinetic impact is much higher than if the impact had been against a softer material. 

In contrast to hard materials, NatraTex’s range of products are soft and cause relatively little friction. This, combined with the uniformity over our surfaces, make NatraTex a much safer material. 

Paving Stones Have Terrible Drainage

The final reason why concrete or natural stone paving stones are not ideal, especially in comparison to NatraTex’s products, is because they have terrible draining properties – a problem complicated because of the pressure the heavy stones put on the ground. 

Because of this, rain and other liquids cannot drain into the ground quickly. This raises the risk of flooding and makes paving stones less than ideal if flood defence is considered – or even if you simply don’t want to deal with flood water. In contrast, NatraTex’s products can be made as porous as you require. This means that our products can be modified to suit your specific needs. This means that you can order our products safely in the knowledge that, if you  need porousness, you can get porousness. 

It is also an indication of the level of customizability inherent in NatraTex’s business.We can make your surface however you like:  whether that means a couple of bright-blue faux resin driveways or a school surface with a large, mutli-coloured mural in the centre, we can make it happen. 

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