NatraTex is a durable, cost-effective hard landscaping material used in regeneration, retail, residential and recreational projects thanks to its hard-wearing and versatile properties.

When NatraTex is installed correctly, it creates a durable and attractive surface course that requires very little in the way of maintenance and can be easily reinstated with the help of NatraTex ColdLay.

Drying Time Of NatraTex

In optimal conditions, NatraTex takes as little as 12 hours to dry. After these 12 hours, the road or footpath can be reopened for traffic and use by pedestrians. Drying time does depend on the prevailing weather conditions when NatraTex is laid. In summer, when temperatures are higher than normal, we suggest leaving the surface until the whole course has fully cooled before opening the area to traffic.

As you might imagine, thinner layers of NatraTex cool quicker than thicker ones, and weather conditions will have a direct impact on the cooling process. For example, in summer it may take slightly longer for the surface course to dry, whereas, on days where wind chill is significant, cooler temperatures will accelerate the cooling process.

We strongly recommend that NatraTex should not be installed in adverse weather conditions, or if wet weather is forecasted on the day of scheduled laying. We also advise that laying should be avoided if standing water is present, or if the ground is frozen and temperatures fall below 0.

Maintenance & Aftercare

NatraTex products are loaded onto our insulated lorries at temperatures of approximately 175C. Depending on the size of the load required, NatraTex loses approximately 3-5C per hour whilst travelling. Once it arrives on-site, the material should be machine laid (where possible) before the temperature falls below 140C. Any lower than this and it becomes more difficult to work.

When NatraTex is installed by a reputable contractor who is familiar with the placement of the material, you will be left with a very low-maintenance surface course that boasts an attractive finish. Should you need to repair the surface course due to raised ironworks, for example, or bollard replacements, then NatraTex ColdLay can be used.

Our cold-lay grade of NatraTex is available in 25kg containers and has a 3-month shelf life. It can be hand-laid and compacted to start the curing process. For larger areas, NatraTex can also be supplied hot for reinstatement, however, we recommend consulting us about the size of the area to ensure we can deliver the best solution according to your needs.

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We pride ourselves on quality products that go the distance wherever they are installed. We aim to become the number one supplier of choice for surfacing through our high-quality and innovative products. To learn more about NatraTex Cotswold, NatraTex Colour, NatraTex Eco or NatraTex ColdLay, contact us. Our team is on hand to provide information, answer your questions, provide free samples, or arrange a CPD session to get you up to speed with our products!