At NatraTex, we aim to provide a high-class service, using only the highest quality materials in our products. It is for this reason that our clients use our products in the repair and restoration of their existing coloured hard landscaping and decorative landscaping. Usually, these are only small blemishes that can be repaired quickly, requiring only small amounts  of our products — our products are that good. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how NatraTex’s products can be used to repair and restore a worn out road surface or decorative landscape, starting with how to prepare the surface and then briefly discuss your NatraTex options.  Whether you’re repairing a park footpath, a piece of MUGA pitch, or a decorative landscape, NatraTex is here to help. 

Cleaning The Surface

To start with, the surface that you want to be repaired should be cleaned thoroughly. The best way of doing this would be to first brush the surface so that it’s totally free of leaves and other debris. Ideally, the surface should be totally clear of anything larger than a small stone once you’re done — this will ensure the best results later on.

Removing this material will make the repair process much easier and result in a better surface once the process has been completed. If you do have small material left on the surface, don’t fret — we’ll get to it in a second.

Next, the surface should be scrubbed thoroughly with a citrus-based cleaning agent. Citrus is ideal for two reasons.

  • Insects, including most known species of spider, cannot stand to be anywhere near the smell of citrus. As a result, they tend to avoid any areas that smell heavily of citrus. This means that, when we lay the repairing solution, we can do so knowing that there will be a minimal impact on insect life.
  • Citrus-based cleaning agents are very acidic. This means that they easily dissolve greases and other residues which may rest on the surface.. Using a citrus-based cleaning agent usually leads to a noticeably better result once we’ve laid the material.

Once the cleaning agent has been applied, we soak the entire surface with water – this moves any remaining small particles and other material away from the repair area — including the cleaning agent. Once again, this ensures a better result once the repair solution is applied. 

Applying The Repairer

Once the area has been thoroughly cleaned and we’re happy with the result, it’s time to apply the repair.

Generally speaking, NatraTex products are applied thinly over an existing substrate or pre-applied concrete paving — roughly 25 – 50 mm of material is ideal. If the damage has extended to the substrate or concrete base, it’s a good idea to get that repaired first. This is to ensure that the strength of the entire surface and it lowers the risk of potholes or cavities developing in the future.

Once the substrate has been repaired/inspected, it’s time for us to apply our repair material. The material we apply depends greatly on the use basis.

For cases where we are fixing standard asphalt, we recommend the use of our ColdLay material. This is an all-purpose product designed to complement existing surfaces and cover up damage. It’s easy to apply — all you need to do is to empty the product onto the surface to be repaired and then compact it by hand. Once that’s done, all you need to do is to let it cure.

Other Options

However, this is not the only material we can lay, and you might want to take the opportunity to renovate your existing surface depending on your use case/age of existing surface. NatraTex has a wide catalogue of materials which you might want to use.

For example, our NatraTex Surface product was designed for spaces which required high visibility, vibrant flooring, and it would be ideal for bike or bus lanes, as well as playgrounds. Alternatively, if your concern is making sure that your surface is friendly to the local environment, our NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Eco materials have both been designed to be as eco-friendly as possible — with the latter even being made of up to 50% recycled materials.

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Alternatively, if your needs are more industrial, contact our sister company Bituchem and see how they can help.