It’s very easy for surfaces to simply fall into the background. They are, after all, just surfaces – something to walk on without staring at. The only reason why we should be paying attention to surfaces is if we’re tripping up on them.

However, while it’s natural to not consider the surface, when you do take the time to consider the thought that goes into surfaces and floors you will be amazed at the high level of engineering that goes into them, as well as the hidden health and safety benefits of certain surfaces. Nowhere is this more true than our very own NatraTex Colour product.

NatraTex has spent a considerable amount of time researching and evaluating the benefits of various kinds of surfaces. Following this research, we’ve determined that there are numerous five specific health and safety benefits inherent to coloured tarmac alternatives, such as our range of products – 2 which are general benefits and 2 specific benefits of NatraTex Colour.

In this knowledge hub article, we’ll be going over these various health and safety benefits that come with a coloured surface like ours. Our aim is to give you an indication of the ways that installing a coloured tarmac alternative can be beneficial to your and your organisation.

General Benefits

For the sake of organisation, we’ve separated these benefits into general benefits and specific benefits. General Benefits are those that simply come from having a coloured surface.


The first inherent benefit of coloured tarmac surfaces, such as NatraTex Colour, is its surface.  The top most surface of NatraTex Colour is smooth to the touch, without any protruding aggregates or other material that could cause damage if a child slipped or stepped on it. Not only does this lack of protruding material mean that any potential fall is much less harmful, it also means that there is a much lower chance of fall – as there is nothing for anyone to trip up on. This is particularly true for small wheeled vehicles such as skateboards or small bicycles.


Research has shown that children, particularly young children, respond better to bright colours than they do darker ones. In particular, bright colours help children to differentiate between objects and spaces. This allows for increased spatial awareness in young children, which ultimately means that children are less likely to fall or crash into each other when running on a high quality coloured surface.

Amazingly, research suggests that while this is true, it’s also true that children’s eyesight isn’t strained by more than a single colour: that they are able to separate various colours from an early age. This means that the benefits of bright colours aren’t lost if we use more than a single colour. This fact allows us to open up our designs to a wide range of designs and colours while also enjoying the health and safety benefits.

Specific Benefits

As previously mentioned,  we’ve separated these benefits into General Benefits and Specific Benefits. Specific Benefits are those that come from NatraTex’s specific NatraTex Colour product..


However, smoothness and brightness isn’t the only one reason why NatraTex Colour is the ideal choice for architects wishing to make health and safety a priority. The next reason is that, while NatraTex is a naturally hard material, it can be made to be more porous – especially in comparison to traditional tarmac or concrete – depending on the customer’s needs.

This porousness means that water and rain can seep down through the material and then into the ground and surrounding ground water, as opposed to pool on the surface. As a result, the risk of flooding (which can lead to slipping and other serious injuries) and frozen floors in winter is considerably mitigated.

It’s also important to remember that this level of customizability is rare in the world of landscaping design – especially when it comes to surfacing. While not strictly a specific health and safety benefit of the product, this customizability is nonetheless a sign of the quality of the product and the dedication that we show to providing a customer-first experience.


NatraTex Colour, like the rest of our surfacing products, are extremely durable, especially in comparison to other colour tarmac alternatives.

With a combination of high tensile strength and high compression strength, our products can easily shrug off most causes of damage — including the weather – that would be a serious cause of concern for concrete or traditional colour asphalt surfaces. As a result, our decorative hard landscaping products are considered to be extremely low maintenance. This means that holes or breaks in the surface are extremely rare, and the expected age of a NatraTex Colour surface is measured in the decades.

This might not sound like it has anything to do with Health and Safety, but it’s important to remember that children often haven’t developed the coordination and spatial awareness to stop themselves from tripping up. Furthermore, cyclists, runners and even drivers are susceptible to damage from cratered surfaces.

In comparison, a quality finished playground, with a smooth NatraTex-laid surface, is as safe a surface as it is possible to buy. Its durability means that it will stay smooth and safe for long periods of time.

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