Landscape design uses two main elements to create a cohesive appearance. These are soft landscaping and hard landscaping. Both are necessary to make an area not only aesthetically pleasing but functional too. A well-designed landscape blends these two elements seamlessly.

The term hard landscaping refers to the foundations on which outdoor spaces are built and the aesthetic they create. They are the elements of design that lend form and structure to an area.

Hard landscaping most commonly refers to elements such as paths, driveways, drainage systems, electrics, fencing, decking, patios, steps and walls. These elements then provide the base for soft landscaping elements such as grass, plants, and vegetation.

What are hard landscaping materials?

There is a huge variety of hard landscaping available when it comes to designing an outdoor space. Commonly used materials include brick, gravel, rock, concrete, asphalt, timber, metals, and even glass.

Often, these types of materials are available in different colours and variations to allow for creativity in design. They are typically hard-wearing and picked for their resilience in all types of weather.

Hard landscaping with NatraTex

Hard landscaping is an essential part of outdoor design and architecture. NatraTex, our expansive range of surfacing products, is the perfect choice for hard landscaping. We supply attractive, fully bound asphalt products for use in public spaces such as car parks, driveways, public areas, parks and school playgrounds.

Our pioneering product, NatraTex Cotswold can be used to create a long-lasting surface course that is virtually maintenance-free and fits in seamlessly with its surroundings. Whether for commercial, domestic, or educational settings, NatraTex can be used creatively as a hard landscaping element to create a safe, attractive, and durable surface that makes a lasting first impression.

To see how our products have been applied as a hard landscaping feature in a range of projects, take a look at our portfolio. Alternatively, view our full range of NatraTex and NatraTex Colour aggregates or get in touch. Our team of dedicated staff are on hand to discuss your needs and advise on the best surface course for your requirements.