At NatraTex, we are proud of the service we provide and the quality of our materials, and we are always looking to improve ourselves and our products. As part of the effort of improvement, we have pursued official certification for our company and products — official recognition of our efforts to provide our customers a first-class customer experience. 

We will run through several of these certifications over several articles. In this article, we will discuss the ISO 9001 certification. 

What is ISO 9001 Certification?

ISO 9001 Certification is the certification proving that NatraTex adheres to the international organization of standards’ metrics and that we can consistently provide products and services which meet customer and regulatory requirements. This is called a Quality Management System or QMS. 

The ISO 9001 certification is designed to help companies organize processes, improve the efficiency of existing processes, and continually improve. This means that any company which pursues an ISO 9001 certification must make an effort to continually improve their processes. 

Achieving the ISO 9001

In order for NatraTex to achieve the ISO 9001, our business had to have seven key characteristics. These are: 


Our company is dedicated to improvement, and we are always looking for ways to improve both ourselves and our processes. 

Evidence-Based Decision Making

As an organization, NatraTex uses data and facts to reach conclusions and make logical, well-thought out decisions. 

Relationship Management

NatraTex takes great pride in our ability to manage our relationships, whether they are the relationships between our suppliers and ourselves or our customers and ourselves. 

Customer Focussed

NatraTex is a customer focussed business. We are available to discuss things with our customers and take steps to measure their satisfaction. If our customers are not satisfied by the performance of ourselves or our product, we will make efforts to improve.

Leadership Importance of Top Management

The leadership of our organization recognises the importance of the Quality Management System and is dedicated to implementing it. 

Engagement of People

Our people are engaged and passionate about what they do, knowledgeable about our business and dedicated to performing above and beyond what is expected of them. 

The Process Approach

As a company, we understand that our Quality Management System is a collection of small processes which run together in order to create success. 

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