NatraTex Porous is a version of our popular asphalt surface course that is SuDS compliant. Available as a variety of NatraTex Colour and NatraTex Cotswold products, NatraTex Porous is designed to replicate natural infiltration of water to avoid drainage systems becoming overwhelmed during periods of heavy rain.

How is NatraTex Porous laid?

NatraTex Porous is laid on a porous receiving layer in the same way as our other NatraTex surfacing products. The open structure of the receiving layer allows water to percolate through the surface and be steadily absorbed into the ground. Thus, during periods of heavy rainfall surface runoff into the drainage systems is minimised and prevents flooding.

This porous surface course can either be applied manually or with a machine. However, one of its biggest advantages is that no deep earthwork is needed to install it. This makes NatraTex Porous a cost-effective and time-efficient method of creating SuDS compliant surfaces in either residential, commercial or school areas.

What are the benefits of NatraTex Porous?

NatraTex Porous has a wide range of benefits. It is:

  • A bespoke solution
  • SuDS compliant
  • Quick to lay
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective

Learn More About NatraTex Porous

To learn more about the benefits of NatraTex Porous, book a CPD session with our team today. Alternatively, please contact us to discuss the specifications of your project. 

NatraTex has been manufacturing high quality colour tarmac alternatives for over ten years. Our surfaces have been used for bus lanes, bicycle lanes, coloured roads, MUGA pitches, and many more. 

The BituChem technical department is on hand to help you understand which of our surface courses are suitable for your needs and the benefits they can bring to your project.