Sustainable landscaping has become more of a priority in recent years. It refers to landscaping that is sympathetic to the environment around it, requiring only resources which are naturally available to support it. The biggest marker of a sustainable landscape is that it exists in harmony with its local ecosystem, moving with the rhythms of the wider natural environment.

Now we have defined sustainable landscaping, we will look at the three main areas to consider when creating a sustainable landscape.

The Three Pillars Of Sustainable Landscaping

The three pillars of sustainable landscaping are:

Ecological Sustainability

As you might expect, environmental factors are a priority when designing sustainable landscapes. For example, the landscape should be able to sustain itself over time with minimal maintenance and have the lowest possible impact on the natural environment. When it comes to ecological sustainability, elements to consider include water (including permeability of the surfaces used), sun, soil, the shape of the land, wildlife and the colour of the materials used.

Economic Cost

Landscapes that are not sustainable are those which take a lot of effort, and time to maintain, as well as use elements such as fertilisers and pesticides which are harmful to the environment. Instead, sustainable landscapes should be designed to require very little maintenance. There are a range of benefits to this, especially cost savings.

Socio-Cultural Impact

In our previous knowledge hub articles, we have alluded to ways in which urban regeneration has a significant socio-cultural impact on an area. Sustainable landscapes should take this into account too. It should reflect the local environment and blend in with its surroundings while enhancing the perception of the locality.

NatraTex Sustainable Hard Landscaping Materials

If you’re looking for sustainable hard landscaping materials for your regeneration or residential project, look no further than NatraTex. At BituChem Group, we have formulated a range of hard-wearing, low maintenance and cost-effective surfacing products that are ideal for creating aesthetically pleasing landscapes which have minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Our flagship product, NatraTex Cotswold is available in two buff tones, both of which are sympathetic to the surrounding environment. It is a fantastic choice for highways, footpaths, cycleways, playgrounds and residential driveways.

Another highly sustainable hard landscaping material from the BituChem Group is NatraTex Eco. This specially formulated asphalt surface course is made from a minimum of 50% recycled materials and is available in a wide range of colours, from natural tones to vibrant hues.

To find out more about our hard landscaping materials and how they can be used in the course of sustainable landscaping projects, contact us today. Our team can arrange for free samples to be sent out to you, or for a CPD session to be delivered either remotely or at your workplace.