Coloured paving, whether over a small or a large area, is an excellent investment and can radically transform an area. Coloured Paving can breathe new life into a space and they can have legitimate health and safety uses in certain situations. If you’re viewing our site for the first time, or have never encountered our products before, the question of where it would be appropriate to install a coloured path could be a confusing one. 

The quick answer to this question is, of course, ‘wherever they look good.’ However, to give you more information, we’ve put together this handy knowledge hub article for you. This will give you an idea of where you may find coloured paths, such as those offered by NatraTex, and what they could be used for. 


The first and perhaps best example of where you may encounter coloured paths is in schools and universities. 

Here, coloured paths are used to help give students and visitors an idea of direction through colour. In case of emergencies, these paths can mean all the difference, as they can also be used to help children arrive at safe rendezvous points quickly. 

However, the chief reason why you may find coloured paths at schools and universities is the fact that they are simply aesthetically pleasing. Bright colours, like those used in our NatraTex Colour product, add a sense of colour to the school space and can even stimulate childrens’ eyesights


Another place where you’ll see coloured paths is in parks and other public spaces, such as the outer areas of museums and libraries. In this example, coloured paths are used as both an aesthetic choice – to add other colours to the area – and to add a sense of direction and transition to an area, in much the same way as  they are used in schools. By having this direction, these spaces help to guide visitors through the space, making sure that people are able to find exits, toilets, and other other necessities as needed. 

City Centres

Once again we find an example of a space where coloured paving is used as a way of guiding people through a busy and chaotic space. This is both an aesthetic choice and a health and safety solution. Likewise, they are also typically used to mark out cycling paths, on both pavements and on the road. 

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For over ten years, NatraTex has been providing our customers with high quality coloured tarmac alternatives, allowing them to experience high quality surfacing through our self-binding gravel products. 

Our products  are superior to traditional resin, concrete and tarmac – meaning that installations using our products will be left looking pristine when resin driveways and tarmac roads will be in desperate need of maintenance. 

We have a wide range of products available, suitable for a number of applications. Whether you’re looking to create a coloured path with NatraTex Colour or to create a new, eco-friendly drive with NatraTex Eco, we have the product for you.

For more information about these or any of our products, get in touch with NatraTex today.