When you think back on your childhood, what do you remember? Chances are you recall many happy memories of playing in a playground either at school or at your local park. For many, they’re the cornerstones of childhood, a place to play, meet new people and learn new things.

Originally a German invention, playgrounds first found their way to the UK in 1859 when the first one was built in Manchester. Since then, their popularity has increased and now they are commonplace throughout community spaces, schools, nurseries and even restaurants and pubs.

For children of all ages, playgrounds are fantastic for a number of reasons. A few of which we will explore in this article.

The importance of playgrounds in child development

While children simply see playgrounds as a place to run, jump, and play with their friends, they play a big role in their development.

Playing alone and with others plays a crucial role in child development. Interacting with others, using imagination, and navigating playground equipment all help to develop social, emotional, creative, problem-solving, and communication skills in young people. In a playground, children can freely and safely explore an environment that is designed to stimulate their imagination and develop their skills.

Further to this, playgrounds help to build self-esteem and confidence. In the safe confines of a play area or playground, a child may try new things or push themselves out of their comfort zone. For example, they may decide to take on a high slide or practice swinging on the monkey bars. Conquering these things is an invaluable way of building self-esteem and confidence. Not to mention the opportunity to meet new friends.

Playing in an area such as a playground or play area also offers children the opportunity to improve their motor skills as they run, jump, swing, and balance.

The importance of playgrounds in promoting physical activity

In a world dominated by screens, physical activity is more important than ever. Playgrounds offer a safe space for children to engage in physical activity away from smartphones, tablets and televisions. This is good for their physical and mental health, among other things.

It goes without saying that obesity is a very real concern for the next generation. As such, regular access to playgrounds and open spaces is crucial to ensuring they remain physically active and reach the recommended activity levels every day.

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