Alternative hard landscaping solution

NatraTex |

Schools are a place to inspire children to learn and grow, this extends outside of the classroom and into the playground. Instead of using the more traditional black tarmacadam, NatraTex offers an alternative that creates engaging coloured playgrounds.

Coloured playgrounds benefit from using NatraTex.

Many schools are opting for this colourful school surfacing, with its vibrant colours allowing you to identify different areas such as pick-up and drop-off zones, playing areas, multi-use games area (MUGA) surfacing, footpaths, mobility friendly access areas and vehicular access routes.

NatraTex offers various mix designs for school surfacing to build a solution that meets your project’s needs.

NatraTex is a direct replacement surface course in a typical pavement design.

Why you should choose NatraTex as opposed to other surfacing alternatives:

  • Cost-effective with significant programme savings
  • Low maintenance
  • Multipurpose
  • Durable
  • Quick installation
  • Colourful

For more information on NatraTex or to arrange a CPD presentation please contact us here.