Alternatives to Tarmac Driveways

An Alternative to Tarmac Driveways

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When it comes to having new tarmac driveways laid, have you considered an alternative product?

Bituchem has a range of coloured surfacing which can improve the approach to your property. Tarmac driveways can look quite a dull and harsh contrasting form of hard landscaping. Bituchem’s Natratex or Colourtex products offer more options which are complimentary to the existing architecture and landscaping.

Replace Tarmac Driveways with Bituchem Products

We are used to seeing the usual black tarmac covering of the road network across the country. Many people have seen tarmac driveways as the low maintenance surface extension of the highway. But you have more choice than that. Whether you are a domestic property owner, a commercial property owner, a school, college, or public sector organisation; you can enhance your environment with the help of Bituchem.

Tarmac Driveways
Our alternative to traditional tarmac driveways is:
Natratex – We consider this our “flagship” product. Utilising the naturally occurring tones in the stone aggregates, you can choose a surface that compliments the materials used in the buildings. Recently exhibited at Saltex at Birmingham NEC and Futurescape at Sandown Racecouse in November 2016. If you didn’t go to the exhibition, you can see our fantastic range of warm Natratex tones online and request a sample.
NatraTex Colour – Mixing colours with the black bitumen usually found in tarmac driveways is a difficult process. Instead, Colourtex uses coloured aggregates and a clear binder to ensure a full and consistent colour effect. Architects and landscape designers can consider how a surface can manage the flow of traffic and pedestrians. Colourtex gives them numerous solutions instead of the usual tarmac driveways. You can view the colour range and request a sample from us.

Add Colour Instead of Black Tarmac Driveways

For architects, contractors and landscape designers wanting to know more about Bituchem’s surfacing products, please contact us. Our products open up a world of possibilities in hard landscaping and alternatives to tarmac driveways.