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Bound aggregate footpaths are an essential part of modern urban living. They can be found in both outdoor public areas such as parks and playgrounds, and also privately owned spaces like a driveway or pathway to someone’s home or business premises. NatraTex Colour, NatraTex Cotswold and the latest addition to the surfacing portfolio, NatraTex Porous are all perfect materials to create a route which is easy for pedestrians and wheelchair users.

Bound Aggregate Footpaths are Weatherproof and Durable

City and urban life in the 21st Century means that many people are now choosing to walk, cycle and use public transport. Bound aggregate footpaths using NatraTex surfacing materials are the perfect way to enable people to move around on a smooth durable and weatherproof surface.

Over time paving slabs can become uneven, causing trip hazards. Traditional black asphalt or macadam surfacing doesn’t have the range of colour options that are produced here at NatraTex. Our coloured surfacing is unique in that it uses a specially formulated clear binder which allows the colours and the tones of the aggregate to be displayed at its best. Once laid it is highly durable and a virtually maintenance free alternative to resin bound surfacing.

Depending on where the bound aggregate footpath is located, it may be necessary to use NatraTex Porous. In allowing more surface water to drain naturally through the footpath, it reduces the risk of localised flooding and controls the speed of the excess run off from rain water to relieve pressure on the drainage and sewer systems during a heavy downpour.

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We have worked with local councils, architects, and landscape planners to provide them with the perfect materials for bound aggregate footpaths in numerous locations nationwide. Discover more in our portfolio or please contact us with any specific questions.