Coloured Asphalt and Surfacing

Coloured Paving for Health and Safety

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Where multiple methods of travel, transport and access are concerned, coloured paving plays an important role in the management of people and vehicles. Pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles will come into conflict with disastrous consequences without clearly designated routes and procedures. Combining NatraTex Colour surfacing with clear signage and controls will help your organisation to comply with health and safety regulations and avoid accidents.


Coloured Paving for Access, Segregation and Control

The Health and Safety Executive highlights the importance of separating vehicles and pedestrians wherever possible.

For example, ROSPA states that when a collision involves an HGV, cyclists are less likely to be involved than a car but when they are, it results in more serious injury or fatality. Lorries were involved in almost a quarter of cyclist deaths between 2009 and 2013 despite comprising only 5% of traffic. In comparison, more pedestrians are killed or are injured casualties in collisions with HGVs than cyclists.

Whether on our road network or accessing places of work, retail parks, schools or colleges coloured paving plays an integral role in segregating traffic, or controlling speed and access to make our environment safer for all. By law, roadways and footpaths should be separate whenever possible. The safety of pedestrians when accessing gates and doorways needs to be achieved by separate routes or pavements for pedestrians to keep them away from vehicles wherever possible. Crossing roads is particularly hazardous so coloured paving can be used to designate a clear and safe route along with signage and traffic lights.

Coloured Paving Solutions from NatraTex

NatraTex paving and surfacing solutions go beyond just the decorative. A broad palette of colours and SUDs compliant composition makes it the perfect choice when outlining routes, safe zones, parking spaces and creating areas which comply with laws and health and safety regulations. Whether you are looking to surface footpaths, cycleways, bus lanes and more. To discuss your project requirements further, please contact us.