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Coloured Paving for Road Safety

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Road safety can be reinforced by the clever use of coloured paving systems along the highway. It is a mechanism that is in use today and one which drivers take for granted and follow on their everyday journeys.

According to the RAC, “at the end of March 2019, there were 38.4 million vehicles licensed for use on the roads in Great Britain”. The breakdown of this is 31.7 million cars, 4.1 million LGVs, 0.5 million HGVs, 1.3 million motorcycles, and 0.9 million other vehicles licensed at this time. These are phenomenal statistics and road traffic in the United Kingdom is expected to rise by 50 percent by 2050!

Marshalling this number of vehicles and road users will require arrangements to enable a driver to recognise and stick to the correct route or procedure. Today coloured paving signifies specific lanes for buses and bicycles, for example.

Other safety uses for coloured surfacing is as a highlight for hazardous stretches of road. It might indicate an area of restricted speed or no overtaking. Where a junction is hidden or there is a sharp bend in the road, a different colour acts as a clear signal to be vigilant. Outside a school where small children may not be paying attention or highlighting a pickup and drop off area for parents is another use.

NatraTex is the Coloured Paving Alternative

NatraTex coloured paving is an alternative to traditional black asphalt road surfacing and has been used in numerous situations. It consists of coloured aggregate and a clear synthetic binder which can be specified and varied to support the traffic load. It can also be specified to meet a range of porosity so that it offers faster drainage. This can prevent the gathering of surface water which can lead to dangerous aquaplaning. NatraTex has been applied to the main highway or as a more decorative paving on the streets around residential developments.

Here for Your Coloured Paving Projects

Whether you are looking for a coloured paving application for roads, park footpaths, cycle lanes or car parks. We would like to help you find the solution for your project with the outstanding range of NatraTex products. To arrange a CPD or to discuss your requirements further and get a quote, please contact us today. You can find out more about our projects in our News section.