Coloured Paving at Winchester Village

Coloured Paving Surface Solutions from NatraTex

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Coloured paving is an important element of planning and landscape architecture. It is the surfacing which connects a building to its surroundings, this single factor can also make a collection of buildings become a cohesive group, rather than separate entities. Clever use of coloured paving can direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic along specific routes. Controlling the flow for efficient movement between destinations while improving the safety of those in transit.

A Wide Choice of Coloured Paving

Between the NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour ranges there are numerous colour combinations from the subtle and understated to the vibrant and stimulating. This provides designers, planners, and architects with not only a broad choice of colour combinations, but also varied technical specifications. The clear synthetic binder allows the colour of the aggregate to shine through and the finished surface can also demonstrate porous capabilities to control the drainage of rainwater. NatraTex coloured paving is a sophisticated, durable and cost effective alternative to other surfacing materials including traditional resin bound asphalt and masterprint concrete. An adaptable solution for locations as diverse as car parks, cycle paths, park footpaths, school playgrounds and residential developments.

Discover More About Coloured Paving Today

You will find many more examples of how NatraTex coloured paving has enhanced public and private spaces across the United Kingdom in our portfolio. We deliver the surfacing material for your project to site using insulated trucks so that it is hot and ready to be applied by your contractor. We’re also able to put you in touch with reputable surfacing contractors who regularly lay our coloured paving, providing you with the confidence that your project expectations will be met.

To receive further information, or to discuss your project further and receive a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to advise you.