Coloured Paving in Chertsey

Coloured Surfacing for Driveways and Patios

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Coloured surfacing is an important factor in the decorative hard landscaping which surrounds a home. Used for driveways, patios and footpaths, this element can integrate a building with the plot it sits within. It can help to create a truly unique home, depending on your tastes

Imaginative design, coupled with outstanding surfacing materials, creates a home and garden to relax, enjoy and entertain in all year round. In this article from NatraTex, we’ll be going over the various ways that decorative driveways and decorative footpaths can help to create a home to be really proud of. 

Coloured Surfacing for the Domestic Environment

Browsing the internet, you will find numerous methods and materials for creating decorative hard landscaping around a home. Some require professional installation. Others claim to be easy to install, something you can do on a warm Saturday afternoon. 

For the best quality coloured surfacing, NatraTex has a proven record in supplying first-class coloured tarmac alternatives. This material is installed in a similar way to the black macadam we are all familiar with. 

Unlike resin-bound or resin-bonded surfacing, this is not just a decorative covering which can wear, lift and peel over time. NatraTex can be specified to meet a variety of requirements, with the porousness being altered to allow different levels of permeability. There is a rich and varied palette of colours to choose from, too. 

Having high-quality hard landscaping improves the surroundings of a home and adds value to it, making NatraTex a great investment.

Coloured Surfacing for Residential Developments

Coloured surfacing from NatraTex has been widely used by property developers for residential developments across the UK. 

Our client list includes Taylor Wimpey, Bovis Homes, Linden Homes, Belway Homes and more. All these organisations have specified coloured paving for their latest residential developments. Apart from giving the properties an outstanding finish and recognised durability, the process of installation is made efficient because the quantity needed is delivered straight from manufacturing to the site at a predetermined time. 

Arriving in insulated hoppers to keep it at the working temperature, your contractor can lay the coloured Natratex asphalt course at any time of the year.

Coloured Surfacing From NatraTex 

NatraTex has provided high-quality surfacing treatments to our clients. Our products are cost-effective and have been used for a wide variety of installations, including bus and cycle lanes in the city, decorative driveways for stately homes, and many, many more. 

To arrange a quote for your project, please contact NatraTex today. Our experienced and dedicated staff will be happy to assist you.