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Creating Vibrant Colourful School Playgrounds

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The school playground is a place where children get to experience freedom from the classroom. A chance to play and socialise with friends and run around in the fresh air. These spaces are meant to be vibrant and stimulating, encouraging pupils to be active. This is an environment which punctuates the school day, allowing children to let off steam before returning to lessons ready with renewed concentration.

Why is play important? Play is an important part of child development. It is so important that it has been recognised by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child. It is through play that children utilise creativity; they use their imagination, practice coordination, become more dexterous, and build physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. All of which is in preparation for life as an adult.

Colourful surfacing for school playgrounds can be designed and landscaped into the type of area which encourages play and contributes to optimising its benefits to the younger members of our population.

Examples of How NatraTex Colour Has Been Used in Schools

Colours influence human behaviour and the psychology of colour has been studied in depth for centuries and each one has a different influence on our mood.

Red is very vibrant, a signifier of energy, heat, danger, and attracts more attention than any other colour. Edgebaston Preparatory School used it to great effect on their driveway, parking, and pick up/drop off area. Subconsciously indicating a need for vigilance. This contrasted with the green of the playground area, a colour which signifies access and safety.

The contractor Farrans built a vibrant playground area with a bright and welcoming colour palette for Feltham School. This school for those with special educational needs wanted to purvey a welcoming and fun environment for the pupils, parents and staff alike.

When a space needs to strike a balance between warmth and activity, NatraTex Cotswold has been used to great effect at Fossebrook School. The durability of the surfacing and the tonality of the material enabled the contemporary architecture of the school building to become part of the site as a whole.

Discover More About the NatraTex Coloured Surfacing Range

NatraTex is a brilliantly versatile material. It has been used for MUGA surfacing, enabling children to experience a variety of team sports, and all the benefits that participating brings. There have been playgrounds which excite and stimulate. Or decorative paving which makes a calm space to just hang out with friends.

Architects and designers love the multi purpose qualities of NatraTex because it can be utilised to create a variety of hard landscaping solutions. These go beyond the education sector, with retail, residential, and recreational projects all receiving great results from this synthetically bound asphalt course.

How can I find out more about NatraTex coloured surfacing? If you have a project which you are working on and would like to know more about the exciting possibilities of Natratex. You can book a CPD presentation with lunch included at your venue. You can request a sample so that your team can see for themselves what constitutes this surfacing. View our FAQ’s or please contact us with your enquiry – we’ll be happy to help you.