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Decorative Landscaping Product Range Expands

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The decorative landscaping product range at NatraTex continues to grow, giving our customers a wider choice of options. Not just because of the mix of colours, but also the technical capabilities of the surfacing. Different types serve a purpose within the environment in which they are to be installed. This could be a more porous version of coloured surfacing which allows water to seep through. There are also decorative landscaping materials which are suited to demarcation and zoning.

New Additions to The Decorative Landscaping Collection

Joining NatraTex Cotswold, NatraTex Colour, and NatraTex ColdLay are the NatraTex Porous and ChipTex products.

NatraTex Porous has the effect of reducing the risk of flooding by giving rainfall a means of dispersal into the ground over a larger surface area. It is also an important landscaping material to help control the amount water run off and its speed into the drainage system which stops flooding elsewhere. This has been used to create a wonderful series of coloured playgrounds at Marjory Kinnon School in Feltham. Other large areas of surfacing like retail parks and car parks can also benefit from our porous range of surfacing.

ChipTex offers a different decorative landscaping solution. Where traditional black asphalt is used additional chippings of colour can be scattered and rolled into it. The surface gets a subtle but highly effective appearance of texture. This form of decorative paving is a cost effective way of installing demarcated areas and pathways. See how this has been applied to outstanding effect by Bloor Homes’ Thornbury Fields residential development.

Find Out More About NatraTex Decorative Landscaping Materials

To discover more about the full range of decorative landscaping products from NatraTex, please contact us today for technical advice or a quote for your project. Alternatively, you can view many of our previous developments in our portfolio.