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Decorative Landscaping Solutions for Architects and Designers

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Decorative landscaping plays an important part within our built environment. The influence it has over how we interact within a place and even how we feel cannot be underestimated. Nobody knows this more than landscape architects and designers. Which is why so much importance is placed on specifying the best materials to match creativity, construction and budgets. Within the context of coloured surfacing, where these three elements converge, NatraTex is the leading choice. It enables the implementation of beautiful landscaping to enhance a development whether this is for recreation, retail or residential locations.

Diversity of Colour, Durability of Materials for Decorative Landscaping

NatraTex is the alternative to resin bound surfacing, and it is is laid the same as conventional macadam . But it outperforms resin bound surfacing as it can be laid all year round, even during the colder Winter months. This can be an important factor in keeping a project on track as interruptions due to weather can result in costly delays to the construction schedule.

Consisting of a clear synthetic binder, unlike traditional macadam, it allows the natural tones of NatraTex Cotswold or the vibrancy of NatraTex Colour to shine through. You will find outstanding decorative landscaping examples showcased in our project portfolio. The specifications can be adapted to be porous to control surface run off, and it can be laid at varying depths to cope with the demands of different types of traffic.

Decorative Landscaping and Coloured Surfacing Supplies

For architects and property developers looking to specify NatraTex for decorative landscaping but would like to know more, please look at our FAQ’s. To discuss your project further with one of our team, please contact us. We have experience of a broad range of projects and will be happy to assist you in arranging the right type of NatraTex for your project outcomes.