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Decorative Paving by The Bituchem Group

NatraTex |

Are you looking for decorative paving for your property? We go above and beyond the standard greys, blacks and browns that come to mind when you think of decorative paving, giving you a wide variety of colour options! Whether you’re looking to add a splash of vibrant colour to a children’s park or play area, improve your commercial or domestic parking areas, or simply add zoning to a surface, you’re sure to find the perfect surface for the job.

Decorative Paving Does Not Need to be Boring!

We at The Bituchem Group have a range of different options which have exceptionally versatile applications in the commercial and domestic sectors. Whatever your decorative paving needs, The Bituchem Group has the perfect solution. Our Colourtex and Natratex ranges are both precision engineered for durability in the harshest of conditions, without compromising on colour saturation and vibrancy.

Natratex – Containing naturally occurring aggregates in a clear binder, our flagship formula is created to give a durable and long lasting decorative paving finish for years to come.
Colourtex – This durable asphalt style decorative paving features a greater emphasis on colour saturation, and is one of the most popular decorative paving options in the public and private sectors.

Give Your Surfaces a Fresh Look with Decorative Paving

Our decorative paving range has been chosen by companies such as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, as well as contractors using our range for housing developments, who have seen the benefits of The Bituchem Group’s surfacing when used in their car parks, roads and driveways so why not get in touch today? Our friendly and knowledgeable team are more than happy to offer any help and guidance you might need. You can also visit our portfolio for inspiration and ideas, and why not order some free Natratex and Coloutex samples online? Once you’ve ordered them, we’ll post them to you, First Class!