Decorative Surfaces Manufactured by NatraTex

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Chertsey is located in the South East with great access to many amusements and attractions, with Thorpe Park being only a 5 minute drive away.  With this being said, the small town has seen many developments being constructed in the last few years with a new supermarket being one of them.

NatraTex Cotswold was used at this development to provide detailing around areas around a seating area that sits between the main street and the store.

The store was opened last June, with 2016’s Rio Olympics silver medallist James Rodwell joining the store manager to officially open the store to the general public, where queues stretched the length of the store.

As well as being used to provide a decorative surface to a seating area between the main street at the store, NatraTex was additionally laid in part of the car park alongside conventional tarmacadam.

A Decorative Paving Alternative to Resin Bound Materials

NatraTex is not a resin bound or bonded product but instead shares similar characteristics to that of conventional macadam, being laid at the same depth and with sub layers (base and binder course). This results in a multipurpose surfacing material that would be perfect for use on highways, park footpaths, playgrounds, MUGA, cycle ways etc.  NatraTex is virtually maintenance-free and maintains its colour for a long-lasting finish.  This smooth surface is also much safer than other alternatives as it is resistant to cracks and potholes, preventing any trip hazards.

To see full details of our work in Chertsey, take a look at our Aldi Case Study.