Park Footpaths at Rhoose Point

Durable Versatile Pathways to Elongate a Residential Recreation Area

NatraTex |

The appeal of NatraTex Cotswold has been used for many coloured surfacing projects throughout the recreational and residential sectors.  Rhoose Point residential park is no exception to NatraTex’s charm.  With its durable and versatile characteristics it’s clear that NatraTex is a great addition to this project.

Decorative Landscaping and Park Footpaths at Rhoose Point

To provide decorative detailing this Rhoose Point residential park opted to use NatraTex Cotswold to establish a footpath around the park just off Trem Echni road.  The flagship product, 6mm NatraTex Cotswold Classic was supplied to create this pathway.  Alongside NatraTex the designer opted to use a resin material that was used to centralise a seating area that provides visitors to the park with a spectacular view over Dams Bay and further on to the Bristol Channel.

NatraTex is not a resin bound or bonded product but instead shares similar characteristics to that of conventional macadam, being laid at the same depth and with sub layers (base and binder course).  This results in a multipurpose surfacing material that would be perfect for use on highways, park footpaths, playgrounds, MUGA surfacing, cycleways, and more. NatraTex is virtually maintenance-free and maintains its colour for a long-lasting finish, meaning that it is a durable & versatile surface material.