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How NatraTex Transforms School Surfacing

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NatraTex products transform landscapes. Whether you’re looking to improve an existing driveway or add some much-needed panache to a busy inner-city street, NatraTex’s products are ideally suited to improve the aesthetics of an area. One particular area where our products can be used to great effect is in schools.

In this newest blog post from NatraTex, we’ll be going through the ways that our products can be used to transform schools and create a space that will inspire students in their academic journey. 

Expand Your Playing Fields With MUGA Surfacing

MUGA pitches, as we’ve previously written, are an excellent way to transform your existing playground. For a start, their bright and aesthetically pleasing designs help to breathe new life into your school – particularly if you haven’t had your playing field renovated in several years.

Breathing new life into your school is not the only thing that these coloured playgrounds accomplish.  Their multi-functional design encourages students to try out different sports than traditional football. Perhaps this sounds something of an obvious statement, but it must be remembered that not every child can succeed athletically the same way. For example, some students may not be great at running but have excellent throws. 

By encouraging students to try more than one sport, you are helping differently athletic people to find a sport that they can be good in. By doing that, you are supporting more students to embrace an athletic lifestyle. This means they will lead healthier, more active lives. 

At the same time, this multi-sport surface has another more obvious benefit in comparison to traditional concrete or asphalt: it’s smoother without sacrificing friction. The benefit of this is that it means that if someone were to trip or fall over on the surface, there would be less chance of serious or even minor abrasion as a result of the fall. As a result, the overall risk of long-term injury and infection is minimised, making it better for students in the long term. 

Make Navigation a Breeze

But it’s not only the playing field that could be improved using NatraTex. You could also use our products to improve the paths around your campus. By using our NatraTex Colour product, you could create easy-to-follow paths for your students. Not only could these paths help your students during emergencies, but they could also help new students find their way around your school. 

For example, if you have a particular area of your campus set aside for a particular subject (for example maths) you can associate that subject with a colour, which you can then point to using a combination of coloured pavements and paint. 

This is a similar technique to the one currently employed in hospitals, where it has been very effective at helping people navigate their way around. 

Beautify Your School With NatraTex Decorative Paving

For over ten years NatraTex has been providing our clients with first-class surfacing solutions. Our surfacing products have been used in a variety of situations, everything from bus lanes in Birmingham to country house driveways. NatraTex is suitable for every outdoor space, regardless of whether you want to add legible playground markings to a sports club’s football and rugby pitch or are looking for a cost-effective material for your new driveway. 

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