Coloured Playgrounds

Inclusive and Creatively Designed Coloured Playgrounds

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Playgrounds are a level area in an architectural sense, and they are also a level playing and communal space for all children. This is only possible if an inclusive design is realised which allows both those considered able bodied and those with additional needs to access and use the space equally.

Whether it is a new school being constructed within a community or an upgrade of an existing site. We have a portfolio full of examples of how our range of surfacing has been used to develop the external areas around a school with coloured playgrounds.

Surfacing for Coloured Playgrounds and Schools Across the UK

From pick up and drop off zones, to MUGA’s, a single colour application on a playground, or a vibrant and multi coloured zone which stimulates and encourages interaction, we have supplied surfacing for a broad range of coloured playgrounds.

At the other end of the spectrum NatraTex has been utilised to great effect in the landscaping of a quiet garden. The space was constructed with mindfulness at its core and the warm NatraTex Cotswold tones paired with planting and seating provided a calm contrast to the bustle of school life.

Specify NatraTex for Coloured Playgrounds

For architects, landscapers and school authorities looking for a durable and cost effective option that delivers a broad range of colour options, while meeting a variety of weather resistance and drainage requirements. NatraTex has the solution for your coloured playgrounds project.

Discovering more about our surfacing products and its benefits is easy. You can find out more with our FAQ’s, see plenty of examples and case studies in our portfolio. Why not request a sample or book a CPD meeting where you can enjoy an interactive seminar and lunch at your offices. Or simply contact us with your queries and a member of our highly knowledgeable team will be happy to respond.