What you need to know about NatraTex

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NatraTex is not a fully bound or bonded material it is a hard-wearing surface course which shares similar characteristics with conventional tarmacadam that remains just as durable. NatraTex remains just as pleasing to the eye when used instead of and alongside resin as well as other hard landscaping alternatives.

NatraTex offers a host of various mix designs to suit any scheme. From pedestrian and lightly trafficked areas, like parks,  through to heavy trafficked locations such as coloured roads. NatraTex can be designed to be porous, however, it would be best to contact a member of the NatraTex team to discuss suitability.

Manufactured at around 180°c in exactly the same way as conventional tarmacadam, NatraTex is delivered hot to site in an insulated lorry. NatraTex can lose about 3-5°c per hour whilst in transit and can be delivered to most locations throughout England and Wales.

NatraTex is keen to keep customer relations strong by being very responsive to customer queries. From answering telephone calls and emails through to CPD presentations and being on site to oversee the installation; NatraTex pride themselves on being friendly, straightforward and easy to do business with.

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