Asphalt (or tarmac) is commonly used in the creation of roads, footpaths, and driveways. It is widely regarded as black in colour. However, asphalt can be modified through a chemical process to show a range of different shades.

This coloured tarmac can be used to create:

Coloured asphalt is created by adding pigment in the mixing process to essentially change its colour.

What are the benefits of coloured asphalt?

There are many benefits to coloured asphalt when used in the above applications. These include:


Safety of road users and pedestrians is one crucial reason why you should be considering laying coloured tarmac or a coloured tarmac alternative. Coloured tarmac can be used in the creation of coloured roads and cycle paths in order to ensure maximum visibility to road users, as well as to create a clear differential between the road surface and the cycle lane. It is also used on footpaths for similar purposes. 

For example, a coloured cycle path can improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians by clearly indicating which part of the roadway or footpath is reserved for cyclists. Similarly, coloured asphalt can be used to clearly mark out bus or other priority lanes. This lowers the overall risks to other drivers, as they won’t have to occupy the same space as the bus.


Coloured tarmac or asphalt can be used to great effect to boost the appearance of an area, creating beautiful decorative landscaping. It can be used to create brightly coloured roads, decorative driveways, highly-organised car parks, walkways, park footpaths, cycle lanes and more. As pigments of all shades can be used to create coloured asphalt in a wide spectrum of colours, it can be used in neutral buff shades which are sympathetic to the environment. Alternatively, it can be applied in bright, vibrant shades which work well for playgrounds and multi-use games areas.


Coloured asphalt retains all the resilience and durability of regular asphalt. For that reason, it is an extremely cost-effective solution for both private and commercial applications. What’s more, the material requires very little maintenance and maintains its vibrancy without any upkeep for a long-time following laying.

NatraTex Coloured Tarmac Alternatives

NatraTex is an asphalt surface course available in either NatraTex Cotswold or NatraTex Colour. NatraTex Cotswold is available in a range of neutral buff tones which are sympathetic to the surrounding environment. It is commonly used in the creation of driveways for new housing estates, as an alternative to gravel footpaths and for access roads.

NatraTex Colour is available in a wide range of vibrant colours suitable in the creation of coloured roads, cycle paths, bus lanes, playgrounds, decorative paving, and multi-use games areas. NatraTex Colour is created by adding coloured pigment during the mixing process and is a cost-effective, multipurpose surfacing material.

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