High-quality residential developments are more important than ever for regeneration, health, community cohesion, prosperity and the environment. Therefore, taking all of this into account when designing new housing schemes and developments is vital to their success both in terms of uptake and overall goals of the scheme.

When it comes to designing new residential developments, designers need to balance a number of design requirements. Examples of these requirements include creating a sense of community, providing easy access to surrounding areas and facilities, maximising the use of pedestrian and non-vehicular routes, ensuring appropriate permeability and creating attractive, well-maintained environments.

The type of surfacing used in residential developments has an impact on all of the above. From the colour down to durability and maintenance requirements, all of these elements must be taken into account to create outdoor spaces that are attractive, accessible, safe and sympathetic to the surrounding environment.

Specifying NatraTex for Residential Developments

NatraTex surfacing is a popular choice for residential developments. Whether used for regeneration projects or in the course of developing new housing schemes, it’s the first choice for many architects and designers thanks to the many benefits it brings.

NatraTex is neither a resin bound or resin bonded product. It is, instead, an asphalt surface course that is similar to conventional macadam. NatraTex Cotswold is the flagship surfacing product from BituChem. It is supplied in 2 buff shades to surfacing contractors, both of which are sympathetic to the surrounding environments. It can be used to create decorative driveways, access roads, footpaths, cycle paths and park footpaths that blend in seamlessly with the area while providing a smooth, hardwearing and low maintenance surface to be enjoyed by all users.

What Are The Benefits Of Using NatraTex In Residential Developments?

Urban and residential design has evolved quickly throughout the years. No longer are spaces designed just to be functional, they are now expected to be cost-effective, durable, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing.

NatraTex surfacing delivers in all of these areas. As well as being visually appealing, it’s also practical. When specified correctly, NatraTex is extremely durable and offers outstanding performance over the years. It can withstand heavy use and loads and therefore is a fantastic choice in the creation of access roads within a residential development. It is also weed resistant and extremely low maintenance.

Unlike other surfacing options, such as block paving or gravel footpaths, NatraTex requires very little regular maintenance to keep it looking its best. In like for like applications, it is as durable as conventional black asphalt and can be easily repaired in the unlikely event of damage with NatraTex ColdLay without the need for extensive resurfacing works.

Learn More About NatraTex

NatraTex will effortlessly enhance the appearance of residential schemes and modern projects alike. If you would like to learn more about NatraTex surfacing for residential developments, please contact us today. Our team would be delighted to provide you with contact details for NatraTex approved local surfacing contractors in your area and supply you with free samples should you wish.