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Installing MUGA surfacing at your school or in a park creates an environment to encourage children to be active. Have you been inspired by the fantastic sporting summer in Rio? Encouraging people of all ages to get out and get active is vital to the health and well being of individuals and the population as a whole. Formulating good habits and a positive outlook on physical activity starts at a young age. Counteracting sedentary lifestyles is vital to preventing future health issues in adult life. It is far better to see children out playing and interacting in person on a MUGA rather than on a tablet or smart phone.

Safe and Durable MUGA Surfaces

A MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) is an all-weather pitch suitable for a number of sports including football, basketball, tennis, and more. Instead of having separate areas for each individual sport, through the use of clever design and coloured surface technology, many sports and activities can be accommodated within a smaller area.
NatraTex Colour uses coloured aggregates which are sealed within clear resin binding to create a durable, level and vibrant MUGA surface. The surfacing is laid so that all children, regardless of their mobility can enjoy activities within the area. This surface enables wheelchair users to move around the space confidently. You can have an inclusive play area with a surface which is quick and easy to install, durable and maintenance free.
NatraTex Colour is available in a variety of colours including blue, green and red.
Looking for inspiration? See examples in our portfolio.

Contact Bituchem for MUGA Enquiries

If you would like to have a MUGA installed but would like to know more about our surfacing products, please get in touch. We can help you create a fun activity zone for your school.