The Journey to Net Zero

NatraTex: The Journey To Net Zero

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Businesses of all sizes in the UK are doing their part by cutting down on carbon emissions to protect the planet. At NatraTex, we are aware of the legal and moral duties for reducing our carbon footprint. To achieve this, we decided to take the green approach and contact The Growth Hub for expert advice.

We embarked on a 6 week long consultation, gathering data on all aspects of the company under the guidance of the Net Zero team. From this, we determined what areas of NatraTex produced the highest amount of carbon and what can be done, or changed, to reduce it.

As a result, we received a carbon emission figure for each of our three separate companies, which includes BituChem. These figures are accurate, reliable, and were used to demonstrate a recognised method which takes all parts of the company into account. 

A Look To A Green Future

We are happy to announce, plans have been put in place to tackle our three largest areas of emissions including switching fuels and moving to a renewable energy tariff. We will also have an external auditor to inspect and verify our data. Furthermore, this data will be restored on a continuous basis, before re-analysing, and tackling the next set of priorities. 

The Net Zero team have also suggested further ways to cut this by 50% before 2030 and to potentially reach ÔÇśNet ZeroÔÇÖ by 2050. Becoming Net Zero means releasing zero amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. This is, rightfully so, a top priority for many companies.

Contact NatraTex

As you can see, our journey to Net Zero, in partnership with The Growth Hub, is on the horizon. We have found their advice and guidance to be essential in helping us to establish our emissions. Team lead and HSQE Manager of BituChem, Kevin Cornwall, has experience of HSQE (health, safety, quality, and environment) in areas such as telecommunications, large scale building works, and most recently, road-surfacing.

NatraTex are experts in providing high-quality coloured surfacing across the UK. For more information about NatraTex and the great products we offer, get in touch with our team.