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Park Cycleways Using NatraTex Colour

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Park cycleways need to be flat, smooth, and durable to deliver a pleasant cycling experience for all. In towns and cities across the country, our parks fulfil several objectives. Be it a place for recreational cycling, or a car free route to and from work. Big city parks provide a welcome escape from the bustle and fumes of congested roads. They are communal spaces for people to enjoy time in the outdoors. Whether you are a small child on a tricycle, an experienced adult rider, or you’ve just removed the stabilisers, cycling is a fun way to travel and exercise. To enable this, the hard landscaping and surface covering of park cycleways must compliment the surroundings while providing a safe, hard wearing surface to pedal over.

The Perfect Material for Park Cycleways

NatraTex and NatraTex Colour are perfect materials for park cycleways. The range of colours provide a cheerful alternative to traditional black asphalt. NatraTex and NaTex Colour use a clear synthetic binder to allow the colour of the aggregates to show. It is prepared hot at our specialist plant and transported in insulated trucks to your site. Here, it can be laid by machine or by hand to create the perfect decorative cycle path. You can see the fantastic results at Coleshill Memorial Park where NatraTex Cotswold was used as decorative paving.
There are so many options for creating park cycleways. You might want to segregate pedestrians and cyclists along a given pathway. 6mm NatraTex Colour Green is an effective surface for this purpose. It has been used to great effect on cycle paths in Barking, East London.

For Park Cycleways Choose NatraTex

NatraTex and NatraTex Colour are proven alternatives to bitumen and resin bound products. We are here to support you from concept to installation with your coloured asphalt requirements. If you would like to know more about our products for park cycleways, or you would like a quote, please contact us.